Rottweiler Dog Puppies

rottweiler dog puppy

Rottweiler Dog Introduction Rottweiler dog breed is one that is large and comes from Rottweil, Germany. At first, this breed is used by people as guide dogs livestock and meat wagon that is sometimes called “Rottweil butcher’s dog”. But now, Rottweiler dogs are widely used as sniffer dogs. Rottweiler Appearance Height and …

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Samoyed Dog puppies

puppy picture

Samoyed Dog–is one of 14 dog breeds in the world’s purest. Samoyed dog takes its name from the Samoyed tribes of Siberia. Its main characteristics, among others, erect ears, thick fur, white, with a typical face similar to wolves. Her body shape perfectly straight, with a tail that curved toward the back. His eyes …

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Irish Terrier Puppies Information and wallpapers

puppy irish terrier

Irish Terrier is a happy dog, ??brave, active, energetic, assertive, independent and curious. he tends to like people, he’s a loyal companion and entertaining dog. he has a rectangular body coated, black and brown rough evolved gradually into the breed we know today. Irish Terrier was developed in Ireland with the …

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Chinese Crested Dog Information

chinese crested dog picture

Chinese Crested is a small dog that is active and able to move swiftly. Crested has two variants: the long coat called a “hairy” and without fur-called “Powder Puff“, but not entirely without hair, actually there is a thin fuzz on the skin. on the head, legs and tail grow …

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French Bulldog puppies

french bulldog puppies

French Bulldog Review French Bulldog is smaller in size compared to the american and british bulldog. French Bulldog is one of the smallest dog breeds in the group Bulldog is characterized by the shape of the ear like a bat. french bulldog puppy who is very funny and kind that …

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Briard Dog and Puppies

briard dog wallpaper

Briard Dog is a big dogs with impressive fur. Briard is intelligent dog, energetic, loyal and protective. This dog came from France, here Briard known as “Chien de Berger Brie” or “Brie de Berger” as well as “Fur Wrapped Heart.” Briard was originally bred as working dogs, shepherds, hunting and guard …

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