Biewer Terrier Dog Puppies

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier picture

Biewer Terrier is an elegant toy dog ??with long hair, parted in the middle and evenly on both sides of the dog’s body. His body can be slightly longer than the height, it gives the square appearance. Biewer Terrier originated from Hunsruck, Germany. This dog was born in 1984 under …

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German Shorthaired Pointer Dog and Puppy Picture

german shorthaired pointer picture

German Shorthaired Pointer is strong dog, agile and resilient. This dog is a mix of Spanish Pointer and Hanoverian Schweisshund. initially, these dogs were developed to hunt in Germany. not wrong, because this dog has a solid muscular body, athletic, powerful legs supporting  activities in the field. Consequently, these dogs …

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9 Top Small Dog Breeds List

small dog breeds wallpaper

Top Small Dog Breeds List among others Shih Tzu – Out of all of our list of small dog breeds we have personally owned three of these breeds so are very biased – it is actually our favorite breed. The Shih Tzu are a wonderful dog breed with a fabulous …

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Turkish Van Cat Information

turkish Van picture

Turkish Van is a cat that has a muscular body, strong, balanced and proportionate. They have an elegant body with white coat color waterproof and distinctive color on the head and tail. Turkish Van originated from the area around Lake Van in eastern Turkey. They are sometimes called ‘Cat Swimming …

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Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Review and Wallpapers

miniature schnauzer puppies

Miniature Schnauzer is the most popular among other types of Schnauzer (Standard or Giant). These dogs are adaptable and fit into a lifestyle. they Originating from Central Europe, specifically Germany around the 15th century. they are known for centuries in art culture. Proportion of those neat, hypoallergenic coat, attractive and …

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