Japanese Chin

japanese chin picture

Japanese Chin is a small dog, elegant square-proportioned body with a typical behavior; fun, loyal, polite, funny and loving. Chin comes from east Asia region, around China and Japan. For hundreds of years, these dogs have been bred since the days of imperial China and Japan as a companion dog. …

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Afghan Hound Information and Wallpapers

Afghan Hound picture

The Afghan Hound, has a close relationship with the country of Afghanistan. Afghan hound is believed to be one of the oldest races, they’ve known and lived thousands of years ago and it seems they are familiar with the hunt of the royal family. Maybe relations with the kingdom’s what …

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Pekingese Puppies

pekingese puppy

Pekingese_ is sometimes called the “Peke Lion Dog” or also called “sleeve dogs” is a tiny dog, brave and friendly man loving. pekingese dog is named, was taken from the name of the Forbidden City of Peking (now Beijing). Pekingese history can be traced to the Han Dynasty (206 BC …

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Newfoundland Dog Puppies

Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland is the name of a province in Canada but the breeds of dogs with the same name is not coming from there. Some argue that they were brought into the area by Norway. There is also yng said that Newfoundland is a mixed result Pyrenenan Mountain Dog (brought in …

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English Beagle Dog puppies

english beagle

Beagle (English Beagle)  The Beagle is strong, hardly little hound dog which looks like a miniature foxhound. the body is squarely-built and the skull is fairly long and slightly domed. the square muzzle is straight and medium in length. the large eyes are brown and set far apart. the wide …

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