Canaan Dog Information

Canaan hd Wallpaper

Canaan Dog is kind of Pariah Dogs (Feral Dogs) who live in the desert region of Israel for thousands of years. This dog is listed as a national dog of Israel. Canaan has a proportional body, smart and has the innate ability to hunt and retrieve. They are a strong …

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Lakeland Terrier Dog Puppies

lakeland terrier picture

Lakeland Terrier is a sturdy dog, strong, balanced with head covered with elegant thick fur, bearded and looks beautiful. glance, Lakeland similar to welsh terrier, but lakeland is slightly smaller . Lakeland comes from the Lake District, UK. they are one of the oldest terrier generation, which is still there. …

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Turkish Angora Cat

turkish angora cats playing baby doll

Turkish Angora cats are very beautiful, strong, graceful, athletic and has a shiny coat to the size of a cat. Turkish Angora has a unique eye color. generally yellow, green and blue, but there is one blue and one yellow. you will discover the uniqueness of angora Turkis eye on …

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Patterdale Terrier Dog Puppies

patterdale terrier dog photo

Patterdale Terrier is a small dog, friendly, confident and energetic, Patt was developed in the Lake District, England. Patterdale initially developed to capture pests such as rats, rabbits and foxes. Dogs are also known as “Black Fell Terrier” is a tough dog, hard-working, agile, and as well as a loyal …

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Goldendoodle Puppies

goldendoodle puppy wallpaper

Goldendoodle review Goldendoodle is a mixture of positive traits of each dog was bred from. The nature of stable, balanced and calm of the Golden Retriever with a Poodle shedding hypoallergenic low quality come together in a cross breed dog intelligent dog. They are not currently recognized by the KC …

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