West Highland Terrier Review and Wallpapers

West Highland White Terrier or known as the “Westie” is a small dog strong and resilient. This dog came form Scotland and was originally bred to hunt foxes, otters and vermin. Now, westie a favored pet cause of their cute face, sometimes mischievous, loyal, they will happily sit on your lap, they are friendly to children and other animals. this dog is suitable for you who like to nestle in the lap dogs, especially women. but these dogs are ideal for all those who love it, whoever you are.

West Highland Terrier image

West Highland Terrier picture

west highland white terrier photo

west highland white terrier picture


Westie male has a height of about 25-30cm (10-12 inches), weighing 7-10kg (15-22 pounds). Westie female height 23-28cm (9-11 inches), 6-7kg weight (13-16 pounds).

Although including a small dog, Westie is very muscular and has a deep chest with a shorter overall body height. Head round them slightly longer than the muzzle them. their almond-shaped eyes and black button nose is perfect. It is compact and well balanced dog. they have a striking pure white coat. Layer itself is soft and thick undercoat and top coat for longer rough and often hand-stripped to show the purpose to expose the soft undercoat. Small ears are always pointed and erect. Overall, the West Highland Terrier has a friendly and gentle that embody strength and activity.


West Highland White Terrier is a friendly dog, sometimes mischievous, hardy and loyal. Westie requires training at a young age not to try to dominate other dogs or chase cats. hunting instinct is still alive and kicking and as a result will catch a lot of things if left like other animals such as the cat family / Small Furries and to show dominance over other dogs and children. to control westie, behaviors need instruction with exercises that focus on such toys, chasing the ball. besides, socializing well from an early age is also required. however, they are generally friendly and confident little dogs who adapt and fit in the lifestyle a lot. They are intelligent dogs and will learn new things quickly. They are known as one of the most friendly of all breeds terrier. dog is an ideal choice for almost everyone, and happy to be living in a family with children and other animals.

Westie Dog Wallpapers

west highland terrier wallpaper

west highland terrier wallpaper

West Highland White Terrier puppy wallpaper

West Highland White Terrier puppy wallpaper

West Highland White Terrier picture

West Highland White Terrier Wallpaper

westie puppies

West Highland Terrier puppies picture

white terier puppies

west highland white terier puppies

white Terrier puppies picture

West Highland Terrier puppies picture

Health Problems

Westie puppy is strong and resilient, they are able to live for about 15 years or more. they Prone hernia, chronic liver disease Legg-Perthes disease (hip problems), jawbone and classification of skin problems. some of them have a tendency to allergies and food intolerances, especially some canned meat containing wheat and red meat. In addition, some puppies who suffer from a condition called Craniomandibular Osteopathy. Commonly known as ‘Jaw Lion’ or even ‘Westie Jaw‘, The main reason is to make eating and drinking difficult and symptoms include swollen jaw and excessive salivation. to control the disease with anti-inflammatory medications can be under the direction of your veterinarian.

cute westie picture

west highland terrier picture

puppy white terrier picture

puppy white terrier picture

Care and Exercise

Westie requires minimal maintenance per week, coat must stay hard so it is not recommended to be washed too often. If the dog gets dirty, do not jump washed, the hair should be allowed to dry and then brushed to remove dirt out. Mantel need to hand-plucked twice a year. if you can not do that, then it is advisable to take him to a professional groomer.

westie is a dog that will fit around your life very easy and will take as much exercise as you can give, at least walk every day.

west highland white terrier playing photo

west highland white terrier picture

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