Toy Poodle puppies


Poodle is known worldwide for its unique and intelligence. Poodle Dog is the national dog of France. Did you know there are 3 type sizes, Standard, Mini and Toy. Although a French national dog, but dogs are believed to come from Germany or Russia. When the Standard Poodle was taken to France, began to develop a smaller size, called  the Mini Poodle  and ” Toy Poodle.” Toy Poodle development is very rapid, therefore the European community prefers this breed, because of its good and its funny and beautiful. Its fur can be formed according to the wishes of the owner. These dogs are easily trained so that is widely used in circus performances in Europe.

toy poodle puppies

toy poodle puppies

Toy Poodle Characteristics

Toy poodle has a size:

height 10 inc, weight 4-7 Lbs. (weight: No special weight is given as Poodles are classified according to their height, however, weight must be proportionate to height.)

Rounded head shape with a long snout, stop in plain sight, the ears hang down, tail cut  ¼ – 1/2 perpendicular facing upwards. There are a variety of coat colors: black, white, brown, gray and blue.

It is very special in this race Poodle is not having a change of fur like other races. Its fur is growing throughout the body to inside the ear hole.

tinny poodle puppy

tinny poodle capture

Temperament Toy Poodle dog

As a highly intelligent dog, Poodles can get bored pretty easily if it is not enough mental and physical stimulation provided. This needs to be in the form of training, learning to play, and obedience.

toy poodle close up face

toy poodle close up face

They are patient and loyal to family fun. They are very sociable and animals such as children and other animals, but early socialization usually will not hurt at all.  Poodle has a high energy and drive, even the various Toy, and requires at least two layers per day, and can be destructive if the outlet for this energy is not given to it. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the Toy Poodle is not energetic, Toy Poodle is also energetic. They do not need careful handling as it is quite small and can not tolerate too many homes to play rough because it can be easily injured.

Toy Poodle Puppy pictures

puppy wallpaper of toy poodle

puppy wallpaper

Blue Toy Poodles

Blue Toy Poodles picture

toy_poodle picture

toy_poodle image

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