Tibetan Terrier Dog and Puppies

Tibetan Terrier? Tibetan Terriers actually not really a member of the Terrier. thus, the name “Tibetan Terrier” is actually misleading, because it technically is not a terrier and not show common terrier characteristics. They were given a “terrier” because of their size alone. but because it is a common designation for these dogs, then no problem, just make it as knowledge.
Tibetan Terrier is a brave dog, intelligent, vivacious, sweet and loyal. they have a beautiful and classy appearance with an interesting fluffy coat. dogs known as the “Holy Dog of Tibet” was bred to be a best friend of companion dog, gentle, friendly and versatile. they are reliable both within and outside the room. they are able to accompany their owners in any job and formed a very strong bond with their families.

tibetan terrier wallpaper

Tibetan terrier dog picture

tibetan terrier puppies

Tibetan terrier puppies picture


Tibetan dog males have a height of 36-43 cm (14-17 inches), weighing 8.2 to 13.6 kg (18-30 pounds). for female’s height, slightly lower  than the male, weight about the same as a male about 8 to 14 kg.

Tibetan Terrier has an appearance that suggests a strength, dexterity and also the beauty of the body. overall, rectangular body with a  solid head, compact, proportionately, large dark brown eyes, black nose, V-shaped ears hang beside the head, strong muzzle with a slight beard on the lower jaw, the front legs slightly shorter than the hind legs , the tail is set high, feathered, carried curled behind.
The most typical Features of Tibetan Terrier is fur. This dog has a double layer, undercoat (soft wooly undercoat) which is a weather resistant coating. This layer is useful to adapt to a very cold environment. they also have unique feet, legs wide, flat, like shoes that allow dogs to herd cattle on the snow-covered mountains. for the outer layer, this layer in the form of long hair, wavy and abundant. even to the head, with excessive hair growth, even at the head of long hair falling forward over the eyes and foreface.
for color and pattern, Tibetan Terrier’s Mantel comes in all colors and patterns. for colors, almost any color appears in a dog’s coat (except the color of the heart), including a combination of color and tricolor. pattern emerging among others, pinto and some appear with a solid color.


Tibetan Terrier is a brave dog, intelligent, vivacious, sweet, gentle and affectionate. This dog is very adaptable to the neighborhood, in a regular house, apartments and a variety of other conditions. The most important for them is a walk every day and get a chance to play.

This dog is a good companion dog, and at the beginning it was designed as a companion dog. they are very happy to be close to family members of their loved ones. they were friendly with almost every member of the family, children, parents and other family pets. however, socialization should be done as early as possible. it is important to create a harmonious relationship between family members.

Tibetan Terrier Dog Wallpapers

tibetan terrier Puppy

Puppy Tibetan Terrier wallpaper

Tibetan Terrier dog picture

Tibetan Terrier dog wallpaper

puppy tibetan terrier picture

puppy Tibetan terrier wallpaper

tibetan terrier picture

Tibetan terrier wallpaper

tibetan terrier photo

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Health problems

Tibetan Terrier able to survive up to 15 years old, on average between 12 to 15 years old. Tibetan Terrier is a strong and healthy dog. however there are some diseases that need to be considered if you are considering this dog for the family dog; Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), a degenerative eye disorder eventually causes blindness from the loss of photoreceptors at the back of the eye. Hip Dysplasia: a condition in which the thighbone does not fit into the hip socket of the hip joint. Hip dysplasia can exist with or without clinical symptoms. remedial action may include medication or surgery. Lens luxation; a congenital abnormality in which the lens is correctly positioned in the eye. This displacement may be partial or complete. to overcome them need surgery, but in some severe cases, the eye may need to be removed. therefore, the eye test is recommended for dogs and also a Hip Dysplasia test.
in addition, the Tibetan Terrier is also sensitive to flea, allergic to fleas, it is necessary to pay special attention to eliminate / minimize fleas and parasites on the hairy coats.

cute Tibetan Terrier photo

cute Tibetan Terrier picture

cute tibetan terrier puppy picture

Cute Tibetan terrier puppy

Care and training

Tibetan Terrier has a furry coat, so care should be taken frequently to keep this dog still looks good. coat care is taken to combing and brushing to remove dirt on the coat. although this dog are able to survive in cold weather, but do not let Tibetan spend the night outside without adequate place, preferably in the house / room, or the outdoors house specialty for dog.
Tibetan Terrier is an energetic dog, this dog requires a lot of training, includes physical stimulation and mental stimulation. these dogs are pretty smart, so relatively more receptive to training, especially obedience training. Tibetan Terriers love to run and explore, and as a house dog they need a large yard enough and high fence enough to keep the peace. for those of you who live in apartments, the Tibetan Terrier is also friendly to the atmosphere of the apartment. important, do not let this pass you let the dog days of inactivity, let the dog run free in a fenced yard or a minimum daily walk with you as a daily routine activity, and of course Tibetan Terrier is perfect for active families.