Staffordshire Bull Terrier Review

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a stocky dog, energetic and athletic. dogs are also known as the ‘Staffy‘, has a nature loving, loyal and really friendly, though seemed aggressive. Staffy has increased in popularity as a breed for several years.

staffordshire bull terrier wallpaper

staffordshire bull terrier

white coat staffordshire bull terrier wallpaper

white coat staffordshire bull terrier wallpaper


Staffy male has a height 36-41cm (14-16 inches), weighing 11-17kg (25-38 pounds). Staffy female Height 33-38cm (13-15 inches), weighing 10-16kg (23-35 pounds).

Staffy have a Stump body, muscular, agile, energetic and athletic. Head should be broad and deep with short fore face and black nose. Dark eyes, but also much brighter. Generally short stocky neck and shoulders and widening out towards the body smooth, tapering to a thin tapered tail carried low enough. The coat is short, smooth and have many colors including red, fawn, white, black or blue, the color of the stripes or mottled with white color is also acceptable.


Staffy at a glance is an aggressive animal, the reality is that staffy very human-oriented, gentle, enthusiastic and loyal, especially for one person. They are natural risk takers show a little fear, for example, when faced with aggressive dogs. They will also learn to obey the order relatively quickly, but sometimes they are too stubborn and can choose to ignore commands. They are also strong chewers and will take this road left together for a long time, bored or depressed.
for staffy owners, it is important that between eight and 18 weeks of a puppy well socialized, especially with kids and other dogs. it is very useful to ensure that they know how to behave around humans and other animals. Staffy owners should be able to display patience and commitment to raising animals time round, especially if it is to live as part of a family with other animals in it.

Staffy Pictures

staffordshire bull terrier puppies playing

staffordshire bull terrier puppies picture

staffordshire bull terrier puppy

staffordshire bull terrier puppy picture

cute staffy puppy

cute staffy puppy picture

Health Problems

Staffy can survive reaching the age of 16 years, but the average age between 10-12 years. they are generally very healthy dogs, but some of Rawan cataracts, some are prone to skin allergies and dermatitis, especially under their bellies in the folds of the skin and causes the dog to chew, and bite like the area. This will only serve to further irritate the skin and can cause thickening and general damage to the area. Veterinary advice should be sought in this case. Another thing you should consider is, Because of their short hair coat, they may have suffered during the extreme cold temperatures, so care must be taken to ensure that they are not exposed for too long if this effect.

staffy bull terrier Pictures

staffy bull terrier Pictures

staffordshire bull terrier dog

staffy bull terrier dog image

Care and Exercise

Staffordshire Bull Terrier requires minimal maintenance, because of the short coat. As an energetic dog with great stamina, Staffy should have plenty of exercise walking at least an hour a day, but will be happy to do more, including a walk or jog every day.

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