Spitz Dog Of German Pictures And Wallpapers

German Spitz Dog-is the name given to a variety of Spitz dogs purchased together under one standard and that comes in variety of toys to large sizes. The toy german spitz, comes in a wider kind of coat colors; Orange, White, Black, Brown and Wolf Gray.

Spitz Puppy

German Spitz Puppy

German Spitz Dog Appearance

Height and weight informationThe German Spitz

Height   : Toy (about) 9-11 inches (23-28 cm)

Weight : Toy (about 18-22 pounds (8-10 kg)

Wolfspitz species can stand up to 23 inches, with the type (Gro?spitz) of standing up to 20 inches. Mittel species can reach 15 inches, while the smallest (kleinspitz) is about 10 till 11 inches.

This breed is almost square in shape and appearance of the square is a stricking physical properties of the breed. Skull and head shape is quite broad in the forehead, tapering to a narrow snout in wedge shape. The ears are always small, erect and triangular. Oval-shaped eyes are set close together and are always dark. Clean lines flow into the neck of strong front legs and back straight which is the level at withers like that in the butt. Legs often described as ‘cat like’ as a curved and rounded.

German-Spitz dog

German-Spitz dog

Spitz dog’s health

The German Spitz has a large enough gene pool and thus, they’ve some health problems. The most important is that of luxating patella. In this condition, which can be present at birth, the kneecap slips out of its normal position inside the joint. This may give excessive pressure on the surrounding ligaments and the general movement becomes very paintful. It’s usually corrected with surgery where necessary, but this something U’r vet will tell you about this.

Life expectancy-A healthy German Spitz can live up to 15 years old.


German Spitz

German Spitz dog

German Spitz Temperament

The German Spitz is the kind of lively dog, playful, alert, watchful and Friendly, any size. It’s not very active but does not enjoy interacting with people and while it appreciate running every day, it’s ready to play in the backyard of any kind. They’re excellent jumpers and like to stand on their hind legs. They’re most suitable for families with other children and adults who can devote time attention to ongoing training. This training is essential for strong-willedd dogs, and while it will learn at his own pace, training is needed (especially with smaller type) to ensure a well rounded dog produced.

spitz-mittel picture

spitz-mittel picture

They’re happy to live with other pets, tolerant and at early socialization will only increase the prospects of a relaxing home. They can be quite naughty and keep opportunity, pretty naughty. They Quickly learn when they can stretch their boundaries and will push them as far as they can to get what they want.

German Spitz Grooming

Budget time to exercise is not great with this dog as happy with just one road per day or good romp in the garden. Though the coat is quite labor intensive, and require daily care optimally.

German Spitz Wallpapers

spitz puppy picture

spitz puppy

Spitz Dog wallpaper

Spitz Dog wallpaper

spitz dog wallpaper

spitz dog wallpaper


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