Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Soft coated wheaten terrier is a soft coated dog, came from Ireland. This dog is also called as “wheatens”. Wheatens is a compact dog with a fun character; active, friendly, cheerful, alert and affectionate. These dogs were bred as a working terrier. Wheatens relatively good for people with allergies because they shed little feathers. They have soft coat to touch, softer than many terriers. Their personality too soft, a bit quieter than other terriers, but they were not cowards.
Wheatens quite popular because of its appearance, silky coat and an adorable puppies. Though sweet, puppy can be stubborn. However, with the guidance, training and proper socialization, the problem can be solved. Wheatens very pleasant and responsive to his family. This makes them a nice dog house.

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Soft coated wheaten terrier males have a height of 46-51 cm (18-20 inches), weight 16-20 kg (35-45 pounds). Female height 43-48 cm (17-19 inches), weight 14-18 kg (30-40 pounds).

Soft coated wheaten terrier is compact and proportionate dog. They have a long rectangular head. Wide-set eyes with almond shaped, in medium reddish brown color. Relatively short strong muzzle. Large nose , in black. V-shaped ears, lies parallel to the skull. They have a ‘beard’ which serves to enhance their boxy shape. Wheatens has medium-length neck gradually widens into the body. Front legs straight, compact, round with black toenails. Back is straight and strong. The back is straight, forming a level topline. High tail set either docked or kept natural. Tail docking is illegal in most of Europe. Dewclaws are usually removed.

As it says in the name, dog hair is beautifully soft and woolly. Abundant single coat and a bit bumpy. Coat comes in shades of wheat. Puppies are born in dark brown, black or dark red. Wheatens has two kinds of coats: American and Irish. Layers tend to be thinner and silkier Ireland.


Soft coated wheaten terrier is active dog, friendly, cheerful, alert and curious. Wheatens active but not hyperactive. Wheatens much softer than most terriers. With proper socialization, they get along well with kids and other home pets. Generally, wheatens responsive to his family. This makes them a nice dog house.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier temperament

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Picture

Health Problems

Soft coated wheaten terrier can survive up to 15 years, averaging between 12-15 years. This dog breed is quite healthy. However there are some diseases that you should know. Wheatens susceptible to inherited disease called protein loss enteropathy (PLE). This disease is characterized by loss of excessive amounts of plasma proteins and through the digestive tract. The important protein is lost because it failed to be absorbed in the digestive system. Typically, dogs with PLE have low levels of cholesterol globulin and albumin. The signs of the emergence of this disease include; diarrhea, weight loss, swelling of the legs or abdomen, increased urination, increased thirst, and shortness of breath. This disease can be fatal. Unfortunately, there is no cure for PLE. However, if the disease is detected early, the condition can be managed with medication and diet under a doctor’s direction. Other diseases that are associated with PLE are Protein-Losing Nephropathy. This disease occurs when excessive amounts of protein and plasma lost through the kidneys. This disease can be managed through medication and diet.
Other diseases, such as hypoadrenocorticism, otherwise known as Addison’s disease. This disease is a serious condition caused by insufficient production of adrenal hormones. Addison’s disease causes a dog has a poor appetite that dogs have very little energy. If your veterinarian suspects your dog Addison on, then he’ll probably do a series of tests to confirm the diagnosis. Furthermore, disease Renal Dysplasia (RD), the disease involves abnormal development of the kidneys and can cause kidney failure early. The signs of a dog suffering this disease include: poor appetite, vomiting, increased water consumption and frequent urinary tract infections.

Note: That not all Soft Coated wheaten terrier will get any or all of the disease. But this is important information to be aware of whether you are considering this as a kind of pet dogs. If you buy a puppy, find a good breeder that can show the health permit both parents of your puppy.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier wallpaper

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Care and Exercise

Wheatens wool coat requires attention to combing and brushing every two days. This is important to prevent the hair from matting or tangling. This also keeps the appearance still excellent. Besides, trimming and bathing every month is important to maintain the shape and appearance of the dog’s coat. Prune to maintain a fixed 3-inch long coat.

Soft coated wheaten terrier needs daily exercise. Include the moderate daily exercise, daily walks and in the form of outdoor games. However, exercise should be limited to cooler parts of the day to prevent overheating. Provide access to shade and water.
Training should with patience and positive reinforcement. It is helpful to establish the dog’s personality.