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Shih Tzu Dogs-shih Tzu dogs are long-haired breed of dog that has a funny face.  These dogs are also known as the Lion Dog and Dog Chrysanthemum. Shih Tzu is a small sized dog. Shih Tzu is a genuine descedant of the Tibetan mountain dog and peking, China. They are Well-known Chinese dog. Shih Tzu dogs were imported to England and then sprayed onto other European countries and America. The dog’s husband is very funny cute and tempting buyers from various countries language. The shih-Tzu is small and sturdy dog which look like a doll. they have round and broad head which wide between the eyes. The Shih-Tzu breeds have sharp teeth which meet in a level or under bite. Their eyes are large and round with dark color, but its can be lighter on blue and liver dogs. The Shih-Tzu ears are pedant, large, low-set hang down and in abudant hair. they have long haired coat which comes in all colors. it’s beautiful pet in this world.

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