Shar Pei Dog Puppies

Shar Pei dog comes from a small town “Dah let” Kwan tung province, China. Dogs known as Chinese Shar pei has a unique appearance, short solid body covered by wrinkled skin. Shar Pei also get the name cause of the characteristics of a rough coat and sharp, translated as “sand skin”. Shar Pei were bred for hunting, guarding cattle as well as fighting dogs. Now, Shar pei dog breeds became popular because of its uniqueness, many wrinkles / folds of skin and has a horse muzzle Nill (Hipopotamus muzzle / thick and blunt). You should know that the Shar Pei is a  relatively rare dog  these days.

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Shar Pei dog

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Shar Pei Puppies


Shar Pei has a height of about 46-51 cm (18-20 inches), some reaching 22 inches. weigh between 18-25 kg (40-55 pounds). in general, male dogs taller and weigh more than female dogs.

Shar Pei has a physical appearance that stands out is the cover loose folds of skin on the body of a dog (wrinkles), along with a short coat, sharp and hard enough. for Puppies, they have more wrinkles than an adult dog.
This dog has a big head, wide and flat with a wrinkled skin layer to the cheek. almond-shaped eyes, small and dark. moderate snout, not too long and not too flat. Small triangular ears and slightly rounded at the tip. Medium Neck, muscular and a fold of skin under the neck / throat (dewlap).

Shar Pei has a short body, solid and muscular with muscular shoulders, chest, thick in the front and tapers up backward. Straight front legs and strong footprints. The tail is short, thick and curly in the back.

Shar Pei comes in different coat types; horsehair, bristle brush and bear coat. horsehair coat with characteristic smooth, very short and attached to the skin. bristle brush with bristles a little rough characteristic, the maximum length is 2.5 cm. mantel bear is a coat that has characteristics similar to a bear coat. Coat so hard in some aspects. for colors, usually solid in color, some may look brown, red, beige, blue, black, sable, chocolate and some apricot in color.


Shar Pei  is a faithful dog, active, intelligent and brave, of course they can be a devout member of the family. Shar-Pei is also independent and strong-willed and powerful breed can also be very protective of the family makes for an excellent guard dog. this is indicated by the nature of the alert and not too friendly towards foreigners. in the family, they are easy to get along with kids and other pets like cats. but early socialization should be done. for security, you should still conduct surveillance, especially when playing with the kids. because, sometimes they show aggression such as fighting with other dogs.
Shar Pei is a dog breed that can become easily bored and need a lot of mental stimulation and physical ways that vary as well as the interaction with the human owner. Shar-Pei generally do not like water, and often try to avoid it.

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shar pei dog puppies

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cute Shar Pei puppies

Health problems

Shar Pei can survive up to 11 years old, an average of between 8 and 11 years old. there may be some who reached up to 15 years old.
these dogs are prone to some diseases, such as kidney failure (amolydosis) is causing the fever and swollen hocks syndrome, signs symptoms include swelling of the joints or hock joints, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, dogs are reluctant to move. If you find your dog have these symptoms, immediately contact your vet for help.
Entropion, is the condition of the rolling inward of the eyelid, which usually affects the lower eyelid in dogs. This is extremely disturbing dog. to overcome, required surgery. however, if the dog had not been mature enough then it should wait until adulthood.
Other problems such as patellar luxation, elbow dysplasia, ciliary dyskinesia and skin problems. you should know that they are not caused by wrinkled skin, this is characteristics inherited  from generation to generation. There may be some who suffer from skin diseases, such as demodectic mange and other skin diseases due to infection by bacteria and fungi. Prone mast cell tumor. Be sure to find a breeder who seeks to healthy dogs. It’s recommended for eye tests, elbows, hips and knees.

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Shar Pei dog and Puppies

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shar pei dog picture

Care and Training

Dog Shar Pei needs regular maintenance, especially for folds skin that covers the body of Chinese Shar Pei should be inspected and cleaned regularly to prevent irritation and infection of bacteria and fungi that can grow in the folds. overall, the coat requires weekly maintenance with brush to clean a coat of many dirt. if necessary you can use a clean damp lint-free cloth, and then dried thoroughly. Do not forget to check the cleanliness of the ear.
Shar Pei takes considerable practice. Training includes a variety of forms; agility, strength and devotion. training should have a diverse and interesting, firm and consistent. it is important to establish a good personality. besides, avoid exercising during their heat. because they are sensitive to it. invite them to walk every day, this will give them freshness and entertainment as well as for you.