Saint Bernard Dog Puppies

Saint Bernard is a powerful dog comes from the Alps, between Switzerland and Italy. The name ‘St Bernard‘ comes from the dangerous mountain pass high in the Alps between Switzerland and the Italian state. Saint is a Strong and powerful dog, high intelligence capability, sturdy and muscular. at first (about age 17) this breed was bred by the monks in the House at the Top Grand home care as working dogs and guard, but the sense of smell St. Bernard keen to make saint used to help people who had an accident, lost and landslides in mountainous areas the snow. saint later developed as draft dog cart that includes agricultural products, including a sled containing milk to be escorted from house to house. and now, Saint Bernard breed has been regarded as a Switzerland national dog.

St Bernard dog wallpaper

St Bernard dog picture

Saint Bernard wallpaper

St. Bernard dog picture

One of the typical St. Bernard the saint is often depicted with a small drum (not always drums) were hung around his neck, containing beverages such as brandy, wine, or sweet tea. Sometimes the same container used for carrying clothing, food, or useful items for disaster victims.
for those of you who love neatness, be careful because St. Bernard has a habit of dripping saliva.


saint bernard has a height 61-70 cm (25-28 inches), weighing between 50-91 kg (110-200 pounds), the largest saint bernard recorded with weight 162 kg (357 lbs).
Saint Bernard including large dogs, perfect. they have a large head, dark eyes, some have blue, brown or brown and one blue one, unique. saint fitted lids that form a tight barrier against storm snow. saint has a deep muzzle, large black nose, large upper lip ‘Flews’, triangular ears bent his head and frowning. Heavy tail, long and low and well feathered.
saint has a heavy coat and thick, there are thicker around the neck, shoulders and legs. saint coat can be rough or smooth but always solid. saint comes in white and rich brown red, some have black marks and mottled. sometimes there are white markings on the chest, feet, tip than the tail, head and neck section.

puppy St. Bernard and golden retriever picture

puppy St. Bernard and golden retriever picture


Saint Bernard is a friendly dog, docile, strong, powerful, high intelligence capability, sturdy and muscular. saint loved and well-known as a dog loyal to his master and will always try to obey and please them. saint is a family pet as well as a good companion, they have compassion for almost everyone in the neighborhood, with children, other dogs, and other pets in the house. although sometimes they can easily hit small children or infirm people. This is not something that will be done in aggression or with malicious intent.
Saint Bernard is most famous dog for its ability to rescue the victims. especially to disasters that befall to snowy regions, such as avalanches, saint was instrumental in the rescue. and of course because the Saints like snowy weather. they will entertain themselves for hours, romping, rolling and interesting items on sleds.

Saint Bernard Dog Wallpapers

saint bernard picture

Saint Bernard dog wallpaper

St. Bernard puppy picture

St. Bernard puppy wallpaper

puppy Saint Bernard picture

puppy St Bernard wallpaper

Health Problems

St Bernard able to survive up to 10 years old, the average between 8 – 10 years old. generally grow healthy, but like all breeds, Saint prone to some health problems. it is important to know if you’re considering this breed to be used as a family pet. some health problems that arise in this breed are; HD (hip dysplasia), is a condition in which the femur is inherited do not fit into the hip joint, which can cause lameness or arthritis. some dogs are born with a genetic predisposition to HD, but HD can also be triggered by environmental factors, such as the rapid growth of high-calorie diet or injuries that occur from jumping or falling on slippery floors. saint is also prone to Elbow Dysplasia, is thought to be caused by the different growth rates of the three bones that make up the elbow dogs, causing weakness joints. This can lead to painful lameness. to solve this problem, Your vet may recommend surgery, administration of drugs to control pain, or weight management.
other health problems; heart problems, saint more likely to suffer heart defects than other major races, the main ones being dilated cardiomyopathy. Dilated cardiomyopathy is a heart condition, occurs when the heart muscle becomes very thin and can not contract normally. Because the heart has to work harder, become enlarged. if you find saint experiencing symptoms, depression, weakness, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, weight loss, collapse, mild cough, and an enlarged abdomen, it’s a sign your saint have this disease. unfortunately there is no effective drug for the disease, but diet, and medication may help for a while. skin problems, obesity, epilepsy and eyelid entropion and ectropion like. Saint are also prone to bloat. bloat occurs when the stomach is distended with gas or air and then twists (torsion). Dogs can not burp or vomit, blood to the heart are blocked, blood pressure drop and shock dog walking. Without immediate medical attention, the dog could die. if you find saint has a distended stomach, mouth salivate excessively and retching without vomiting. saint looks restless, depressed, lethargic, and weak with a rapid heart rate. It is advisable to carry your saint to the vet as soon as possible to get help.
to prevent the symptoms of bloat, avoid feeding once a large portion, it is better to feed them two or three small servings.

St Bernard dog picture

St Bernard dog picture

St Bernard Puppies picture

St Bernard Puppies

Care and training

Saint Bernard dog have a coat that requires weekly maintenance, at least twice a week with a brush or comb the coat to spruce up and throw away the dirt, do more often when shedding. Bernards be bathed only when necessary, such as too dirty and shabby. in addition you must ensure Ear Bernards be clean to prevent infection, the eye should also be checked regularly. Additionally, St Bernards is a dog who can not stand the heat, so avoid exercise during hot summer days, let the saint get a calm, cool area, you need to provide shade and fresh water.
You are advised to check the possibility of problems Hip dysplasia, also encouraged to consult with your veterinarian.
You must have the patience to train these dogs because they can be stubborn. includes training, dexterity, agility and obedience. minimal, Saint Bernard to walk daily to maintain a stable mental and physical condition, especially to prevent obesity.
Saint Bernard Puppies recommended not to exercise too much, until their bones are well formed and strong. solution, and a short walk of the best short game sessions until the dog was about two years old. avoid playing, jumping on the slippery floor, as this will only add to the problem hip.

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