Redbone Coonhound Dog and Puppies

Redbone Coonhound is strong dog, fast, agile, friendly and kind. This dog is known by various names; The Redbone, Redbone Hound Dog, Coonhound  and Red Coon. The Redbone has a smooth crimson coat shiny and beautiful. They are a versatile hunting dog, bred to hunt by their talent specializing in treeing raccoons. but they also excel in the trailing bobcat, cougar, bobcat, even treeing bears. The Redbone fast, nimble and agile. they are able to work in all types of weather in the difficult area; traverse swamps through rocky hills, and even swim through the water quickly. It can follow a cold trail and has a sweet voice on the road. Coat is short and smooth, but rough enough to provide protection.

Aside from being a hunting dog, They are good family dogs, get along with, easy to get along with children and other dogs. but may not do well with small pets. so, if you have small pets, you should keep an eye on so that no matter what you do not want.

redbone coonhound photo

Redbone Coonhound

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Redbone Coonhound Puppies


The Redbone has a height of about 53-66 cm (21-27 inches), weight about 23-32 kg (50-70 pounds). usually, male dogs is taller and heavier than female dogs.

Redbone Coonhounds are a medium-sized dog with a powerful and muscular body. They Have well-modeled head, with intermediate stops between the eyebrows and the nose, muzzle broad, long pendulous ears and golden eyes. They have a fold of loose skin around their necks, similar to the folds of skin on the dogs neck. Redbone has strong legs and very supportive of hunting. Redbone tail is slightly curved and usually held upright.
Redbone Coonhounds have matel a flat, smooth and shiny. Fur colors including red, deep rich mahogany. Redbones might have some traces of white on their legs or chest, but it was not so favored.


The Redbone Coonhound has a good nature. As hunting dog, they are an alert dog, quick, agile and energetic. As the family dog, Redbone is a good dog, friendly and affectionate toward family members. they are very good with children. Some Redbone Coonhounds are comfortable with cats or other pets, especially those that are socialized from an early age and trained in obedience. but some others have a high prey instinct and will chase cats like chasing raccoons. then, you should keep an eye on if you have a cat or other small pets.
If you are taking the dog for a walk, then do not forget to always keep them on a leash. this needs to be done because they will chase small animals in the same way that they would hunt and tree raccoons. Often when a dog is in pursuit of something, it would appear that he is in a world of his own and may not even respond to your voice.
Some Redbone Coonhounds tend to drool a lot while others do not at all. It all depends on the shape of the lips. Mouth Coonhound true form will drool a lot. Although traditionally kept as an outdoor dog, Redbones very family oriented and make good on the dog. Redbone has a strong desire to please their master. They are loving, trusting and very dear.

The Redbone Coonhound Pictures

redbone coonhound picture

Redbone Coonhound dog picture

redbone coonhound photo

Redbone Coonhound picture 2

redbone coonhound photo

Redbone Coonhound picture 3

redbone coonhound puppy

Puppy Redbone Coonhound

Health Problems

Redbone Coonhound able to survive until 14 years old, on average between 12 to 14 years old. This breeds a healthy breed, with fewer health problems. however, some have problems include hip dysplasia, arthritis, eye problems and obesity. They are sometimes prone to hip dysplasia. it is recommended for test hip dysplasia to determine the possibility of a dog suffering from this disease. A hip x-ray will tell the prospective owner, if the dog has a normal hip or vice versa. Treatment for affected dogs from Hip Dysplasia is surgery (Femoral Head Ostectomy). vets usually done by cutting the femur bone. This particular dog weighing less than 30 kg, and had to use his legs in pain. to get this treatment is of course you have to find a veterinarian who is really professional in this case. Another treatment is the replacement of joints (Hip Replacement). to consider the cost of replacement joints are quite expensive, high complications and require a truly experts veterinarian.
Hip dysplasia can cause lameness or arthritis. Redbone elderly also have a tendency to get arthritis. several others were also seen Redbone suffer ear infections (otitis). An annual checkup by a veterinarian is recommended to prevent health problems or catch them when they start. Keeping on vaccinations and worming will also make sure that they look good, you look good for a long and healthy life.

photo of Redbone Coonhound

Redbone Coonhound Picture

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Redbone Coonhound picture

Care and Exercise

Redbone Coonhound coats need occasional brushing / weekly. however, if they spend time outdoors so much, they should be checked regularly for ticks. in addition, their large floppy ears should also be checked for thorns, parasites or other types of potentially cause infection.
The Redbone Coonhound requires a lot of physical exercise and metal, requires proper exercise and adequate nutrition. They need a walk or jog every day, they also enjoy swimming. Coonhounds are born natural hunters, they have a strong natural treeing and hunting instinct. so they have a tendency to run and hunt if they are not kept well-fenced while exercising alone. They should also be well socialized at an early age and taught basic obedience. And last, The Redbone Coonhound also needs a firm, but calm, confident, consistent pack leader to be mentally stable.

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