Pug Dog Pupies

Hello brother, for you (dog lovers), it’s less if you do not know the pug dog, and for those of you who are familiar with the pug dog, this information may be slightly beneficial to you,

let’s get acquainted with a pug dog,

Pug puppy is the largest toy breed class. The average toy breed weighing under 6 pounds while the Pug can reach 8 kg. The most interesting part of this dog is a pug face with wrinkled skin.

pinky pug puppies

pinky pug puppies

Pug dog has a playful nature, friendly, a little stubborn, and tend to be mischievous. Pug Dogs can be combined with other breeds because of the nature of socialization is very high. For people who are very energetic dog is suitable for Pug dogs including dogs that are very agile and playful and teasing the owner. Pug dogs are very spoiled sometimes near their owners but can be independent and very confident without a master.

Pug Dog Appearance

The average height for males is about 12 inches, and the female about 10 inches.

Average weight for 6-man 9kg pug, pug female and between 6-8kg

Pugs have a characteristic square shape, with a ‘manly’ body in proportion, and they have the muscle structure is well defined and broad chest. Pug’s muzzle should be short and blunt. Their legs strong and straight and in proportion to their bodies.

Head, must be large with extensive wrinkles. Pug dog’s head when viewed from the front of the box-shaped. Muzzle pug but not sepesek Pekingese dogs. Lower jaw slightly past the upper jaw. With dark round eyes and tend to stare. Eyes should be very dark in color, large, round, and clear. Small ears, do not stand up and lie parallel to the line of the upper head. Bodies, form a compact body with front and rear legs are strong. Of the visible form of a rounded ribs. Coiled tail touching the back of the back and always up. The tail parallel to the back line. Fur is not too smooth nor straight rough shape.

Color, the Pug has a silver color, Fawn, Brindle (striped), and plain black. For silver and fawn colors should be accompanied by a black color on the face (mask), and ears.

pug dog puppies

pug dog puppies

Health Problems

Pugs are the kind that can lead a very sedentary life and therefore could be susceptible to obesity, although this can be avoided by regular exercise and healthy diet. If you want to bring the best out of the house in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is not too hot because with a pug nose, Pug susceptible to heat stroke.

Pugs can suffer from a condition called Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (NME), also known as Pug Dog Encephalitis‘, an inflammation of the brain, which is also known to occur in other small breeds. It is believed to be an inherited condition. All dogs are usually dead or euthanised within a few months after the onset of clinical symptoms because there is no known cure for this condition.

The average life span is 12-14 years old Pug.

pug dog puppy

pug dog puppy

Care and Maintenance

Pug dog care is not difficult because the fur is short so it does not require maintenance such as Shih Tzu dog. Pug dogs bathe regularly once a month. If dirty or smell pretty wiped with a damp cloth containing antiseptic or can use a dry shampoo powder.

Emphasize hygiene around the face because the skin has doubled so easy to keep dirt, especially the rest of food. always keep the cleanliness of the skin due to susceptible Pug Extraordinary Dog skin diseases especially during the seedling. You can use a soft brush to comb the hair every day Pug. Sweeping can throw dirt on the fur and fur throw die. although Pug dog hair is short and not too smooth, his fur is easy to fall even though with a subtle touch.

pug puppy

pug puppy

Pug dog does not need training, provide enough space to play inside the house then he will move.

Do not be surprised if you hear snoring suata time when the Pug puppy asleep choking or breathing at Pug dog is too excited. This is caused by a pug nose.


Give the dog food with protein and fat are not too high. The most ideal protein and fat 25% between 10-12%. If a given protein and fat is too high then it is easy to cause itchy skin and diarrhea easy. Choose a dog food that contains more vitamins for healthy skin and coat for dog hair is easy to fall out. Should be given the type of dry dog ?? food around the mouth is not so easy to get dirty and do not forget to clean the mouth after every meal.

Puppies pictures of Pug Dog

pug puppy flowers

pug puppy flowers

pug puppy dog

pug puppy dog capture

Do not Maintain Dog Pug If you are:

Annoyed with ruffled feathers.

Do not like the active and agile dog that tends to misbehave.

Not like the smell because the Pug dog has a distinctive body odor.

If the dog likes to sleep snoring.

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