Poodle Dog Puppies

Poodle is known in the world because of the uniqueness and versatility. Poodle Dog is the national dog of France. however, these dogs are believed to come from Germany or Russia. Poodle has 3 type sizes, Standard, Mini and Toy. Standard poodle trained to swim and float in water that is designated for water retriever any dog that is chasing prey in the water. Poodle, miniature or standard size, often referred to as being in the top 5 for intelligence in a dog race and is an excellent versatile dog, excelling in many dog sports. When the Standard Poodle was taken to France, began to develop a smaller size, called the Mini Poodle and Toy Poodle.
Special Toy Poodle development is very rapid, therefore the European community prefers this breed, because of its good and its funny and beautiful. Its fur can be formed according to the wishes of the owner. These dogs are easily trained so that is widely used in circus performances in Europe, or become a popular companion.

poodle dog image

poodle dog picture


Standard Poodle height 38cm (15 inches) or more, a standard poodle male weight 20-27kg (45-70 pounds), females 20-32kg (45-60 pounds).

Miniature Poodle height between 28-38 cm (11 inches to 15 inches). weight 7-8 kg (15-17 pounds).

Toy Poodle’s height reached 25.4 cm (up to10 inches), can be less. weighing 3-4 kg (6-9 pounds).

Rounded head shape with a long snout, stop in plain sight, the ears hang down, tail upright facing upwards. Poodles have a single coat luxury, even textured and curved that does not shed much, (not a problem for allergy sufferers). The coat color is always solid, and come in various colors including black, white, beige, silver, apricot, red, fawn and brown.

All sizes of Poodles are very well proportioned and has muscled hindquarters which is sometimes enhanced with a variety of cutting the coat seen. The desired look is square with a strong, back legs and neck. Dog’s head with the muzzle pointed narrow, dark and very bright eyes and ears that failed to advance to the cheek. It is very special in this race Poodle is not having a change of fur like other races. Its fur is growing throughout the body to inside the ear hole.

Poodle Dog Appearance pictures

Standard Poodle iamge

Standard Poodle picture

miniature Poodles photo

miniature Poodles picture

cute toy poodle

toy poodle picture


Poodle has properties that are faithful, intelligent, likes to play and smart. For the standard type is more courageous than the other two types are somewhat shy. as an intelligent dog, Poodles can get bored pretty easily if it is not enough mental and physical stimulation provided. This needs to be in the form of training, learning to play, and obedience.

Poodles are very capable of learning new commands and have an aptitude for learning tricks, the reason why, along with a striking appearance, he used to be used regularly in the circus.They patiently fun, easy to get along with kids and other animals are also loyal to the family, but early socialization is still required.

Poodle Dog Wallpapers

running Poodles photo

running Poodles wallpaper

poodle puppies wallpaper

poodle puppies wallpaper

poodle dog wallpaper

poodle dog wallpaper

dog poodles picture

poodles picture

Health Problems

Standard poodle can survive up to 13 years, Miniature and toy poodle to live a little longer on average to 15 years. Bloat-prone standard Poodle. To minimize the possibility of Bloat, this dog should be fed at least one hour before or after exercise with water provided the stage. other health problems, the bloat is a medical emergency that can cause terrible pain and prove fatal in an estimated 40% of all cases.

photo of poodle

photo of poodle

dog Poodle picture

Poodle picture

Care and Exercise

Routine maintenance coat is an absolute necessity to maintain the appearance. Poodle fur should be combed every day when it will not clot because of his feathers to grow rapidly and are useful to raise the hairs are less healthy. Poodle bathed at least once a week. Fur on the muzzle, the foot, lower neck, base of the tail should be shaved every 3 to 6 weeks. It will take quite a lot of time on the part of owners, which should be dedicated to doing this for the dogs. Professional help is usually required at least every 3 months, and these costs must be taken into account when deciding to have a Poodle. Poodle requires at least two daily walks or runs, or one viable path to the Toy variety.