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Pointer is a versatile field dog, intelligent, graceful and athletic body. this dog also known as “English Pointer“. Pointer is an active and energetic dog, especially when taking action on the field. Pointer excel in a variety of arenas with various tests such as agility and obedience. Pointers can also be a good hunting friend for you. indeed, at first pointer was bred for hunting and as a working dog field. it’s not wrong, because the pointer has an incredible sense of smell, also includes an intelligent dog. this is supported by the appearance, such as square-shaped muzzle to point to, the body shape that supports agility, stamina and endurance for all kinds of terrain, though difficult terrain. For the name (Pointer), it is related to its characteristics such as body and character, this dog muzzle pointed in a game. In America, this dogĀ  is also famous for its remarkable sense of smell and as a hunting dog. And, in addition beside as energetic dog in the field, the pointer is also fun-loving dog, he’s perfect for an active home where he will be a good family member.

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Pointer Puppies wallpaper

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Pointer males have a height of 55-62cm (22-24 inches), weight 25-34 kg (55-74 pounds). pointer female height of about 54-60 cm (21-24 inches), weighing 20-30kg (44-66 pounds).

Pointer has a compact body, muscular, and graceful. This dog has an elongated head frame, deep muzzle, dark nose some brown. nose and muzzle should be classic ‘boxy’ shape these dogs were bred to have, perfect for the job pointing. eye-shaped pointer dark, thin ears hang and long neck. His body was muscular and strong, straight front legs, indicating the level of stamina and endurance needed to do field work.
Pointer has a larger tail at the root, tapering to a point, a thin, looks like a whip. This dog coat is short, smooth and dense. fur comes in various colors such as, white with brown spots, lemon, black, orange and variations of colors including tri-color. patterns that emerge as patched or speckled or be solid in color.


Pointer is an intelligent dog, friendly, alert, loyal and gentle. Intelligent, so that they can show friendly behavior, and easily receive obedience training and other instruction. Pointer do the best in the field and at home as well if handled by experienced people. as a field dog, a pointer has a tendency to be vigilant. but they also like to be around people, as a good friend.
Pointer also has a loyal and gentle nature, especially with children. they are also easy to get along with other dogs and shows no aggression towards cats or other pets with the terms of socialization should be done as early as possible when they were young. This makes the pointer was fit to be a family pet.

Pointer Dog Wallpapers

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pointer dog wallpaper

pointer dog picture

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Health Problems

Pointer can survive up to 16 years old, an average of 11 to 14 years old. This is a well dog breed and healthy enough. they have not been identified as having congenital diseases. but in its development, the pointer has some disease that you should consider if you’re considering this as a pet dog. The diseases, among others; Hip Dysplasia (HD), this problem can affect all dog breeds. This is caused by abnormal formation of the hip ball and socket joints. Usually the ball will form a pivot point in the socket, however, some dogs are born with a genetic predisposition to HD. Eye problems, such as; Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), a gradual decay in the retina, Eye Cherry; condition occurs when the nictitating membrane bulge out and needs to be done to overcome surgery, Entropion; This occurs when the lower eyelid folds inward, Cataract; is an opacity in the lens of the eye causing difficulty in seeing and to address the need to do eye surgery. skin problems, among others, skin cysts, Demodectic Mange. other problems; Epilepsy, Food Allergies, Chondrodysplasia, Addison’s disease; condition is very serious due to the insufficient production of adrenal hormones by the adrenal glands. Neurotrophic Osteopathy is a rare bone disease can occur between the ages of 3 to 9 months and is caused by abnormalities in the nerves.
indeed quite a lot of diseases that can be suffered by a pointer, but you do not need to worry, every problem has a solution, and not every pointer has so many health / disease above. Mentioned diseases above is a common disease that affects pointer. therefore, before buying is recommended that you need to check carefully about your dog choice about medical history, behavior and daily routine activity to the breeder.

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puppy pointer picture

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Care and Exercise

Pointer has a short coat, so need a minimal maintenance with occasional brushing if the coat looks dirty and to remove dead hair once smoothed feathers. to minimize shedding, clear coat with a dry towel or rubber brush, this will remove a lot of loose hair. for cleanliness, Pointer washed quite a few months.
Pointer is an active and energetic dog. Exercise is very important for the pointer, otherwise they will get restless and tend to bad behave. therefore, as an owner you have to ensure the pointer to get exercise. heavy daily exercise such as fast walking, long jogging , or take your bike will make a pointer enjoy all the day. You should know that the pointer is an excellent jogging friend for you.
Pointers can live outside the room with a soft bed and a warm place to stay but would prefer to live in a family room with access to a large courtyard, which can be used for running, road and freeing themselves from the narrowness of the room.

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