Pekingese Puppies

Pekingese_ is sometimes called the “Peke Lion Dog” or also called “sleeve dogs” is a tiny dog, brave and friendly man loving. pekingese dog is named, was taken from the name of the Forbidden City of Peking (now Beijing). Pekingese history can be traced to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). At that time, they were dubbed as the ‘sleeve dogs’, because they often put in a heating sleeve. In addition to function they are, in fact Pekingese perform royal duties as the Emperor’s clothes carrier. For years, they can only be owned by the nobility of China, people are not in the allowed non-nobles.

Pekingese dog picture

Pekingese picture

pekingese dog puppy

puppy pekingese

pekingese dog

pekingese dog picture


Pekingese have heights ranging from 6-9 inches (30.4-45cm). Weight about 8-10 pounds (3.6 4.5kg). Any Pekingese under 6 pounds is called sleeve Pekingese. To be a sleeve should be 6 pounds (2.7 kg) or less, if more then it is not considered a sleeve. Between 6 and 8 Pounds (2.7 to 3.6 kg) is considered as a mini Pekingese.

pekingese dog puppy


Pekingese is a compact, balanced dog with a big front and rear lighter. This dog is a dog is independent, and individual expression. His image as a lion. This dog looks more beautiful than the brave, or smooth. This dog has a small body, squat and compact very ‘low slung‘ to the ground. Large head in proportion to the whole body, with the top of the head, especially broad and flat. The front of the flat face like a shortened snout. His nose is black, broad and short, with large eyes, prominent, round eyes set wide with black rims. pekingese therefore prone to eye disorders. Ear ‘heart shaped‘ lie against the head and feathers so that they are so good they almost disappear seamlessly into the head. These dogs have short legs rather serves to restrict the movement which means the layers Pekingese with an unusual gait, and tail are carried high and further behind. The coat is double and thick with the outer coat is long and coarse with abundant feathering. The most productive colors including gold, red and Sables but cream, black, black and brown and gray slate are also found. Whatever the color of the dog, any exposed skin is always black.


Pekingese are very brave dog and sensitive, confident, independent, loyal (especially for one person) and a dog loving friend and highly respected. This adorable puppy can be a good friend. They often lead to quite a sedentary life though.

This breed makes a good watchdog, often giving a series of sharp barks when a stranger approaches the house. pekingese smart enough, and it may be difficult for the rest of the house. They are also known for fussy eaters, but this is something that can be addressed by the owner of consistency in action and not giving them tit bits under the table! and remember, they also can be dog aggressive. Therefore, early socialization and training necessary to ensure effective this little dog does not host and host.

puppy pekingese

pekingese image

puppy pekingese

puppy pekingese capture

Health problems

Pekingese have a life expectancy of about 10 to 15 years. in good health, pekingese can last up to 15 years. but they encountered some problems during their lives. Peking likely to catch colds very easily. Very difficult birth. Prone to herniated disks and dislocated kneecaps. Trichaiasis (ingrown eyelashes towards the eyeball). Respiratory problems and heart problems are also common.

they are also very susceptible to several eye disorders and injuries. Dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) are routinely seen in this type. Dry eye is caused when the eyes do not produce enough tears to keep it moist. Your veterinarian can perform tests to determine whether this is a cause that can be controlled with medication.

pekingese puppy

puppy pekingese capture

puppy pekingese dog

puppy pekingese dog picture

Maintenance and training

Pekingese require a maintenance coat and grooming needs brushing at least once a day. Regular flea treatment is necessary because the coat is longer, too. Pekingese do not need to exercise and can become overweight very quickly if full and leaded sedentary life. A daily walk is all it takes.

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