Patterdale Terrier Dog Puppies

Patterdale Terrier is a small dog, friendly, confident and energetic, Patt was developed in the Lake District, England. Patterdale initially developed to capture pests such as rats, rabbits and foxes. Dogs are also known as “Black Fell Terrier” is a tough dog, hard-working, agile, and as well as a loyal canine companions. they are resistant to extreme weather conditions and the terrain difficult to reach, a slim body design makes it agile and easy in the hunt towards the narrow gap to take the game from their nest. Patterdale very effective dog as your hunting friends. in addition, they will also be friendly household pet.

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patterdale terrier puppy picture


Patterdale Terriers males and females have a height of about 30 cm (12 inches), some reaching 15 inches, weight about 5-6 kg (11-13 pounds).
Patterdale Terriers are small dogs are strong, sturdy and sleek. they have a strong square shaped head, dark eyes / harmony with coat color, muzzle slightly shorter than the skull, the ears are small to medium upright but bent, the neck being muscular, strong and straight front legs, hind part of strong and Tails muscular with strong but not too thick.

for coats, some Patterdale has smooth and rough coats, and also there is a short dense undercoat. for color, the dog has a black majority, but there are some other acceptable colors, such as red, liver, grizzle, black and tan, and bronze, either solid or with some white markings on chest and feet.


Patterdale Terrier are intelligent dogs, energetic, brave, confident and independent. also used as working dogs, as well as the house dog. They can be wonderful companions for children and much enjoyed playing with the family. When in the room, they are social animals, but hunting mentally sometimes make Patterdale showing aggression towards smaller pets such as cats, rabbits, hamsters. but you do not need to worry, because early socialization will help Patterdale more friendly to them. as a working dog, Patterdale their innate ability to get in and down into the small spaces, looking for prey. they are independent and can be a good guard dog.

Patterdale Terrier Dog Pictures

patterdale terrier dog wallpaper

Patterdale terrier dog picture

patterdale terrier wallpaper

Patterdale terrier picture

patterdale terrier dog photo

Patterdale dog picture

Health Problems

Patterdale dog are able to survive until the age of 15 years, on average between 11 to 13 years. Patterdales generally grow very healthy and strong. talking about their health problems, there are several hereditary diseases in this dogs, but you do not need to worry. in fact, there are some terrier diseases you need to consider, such as; eye problems, Copper Toxicosis and Tail Docking. Copper Toxicosis a serious threat to the Bedlington Terrier and because Patterdale terrier is still a family, then there are chances of developing the disease. Copper Toxicosis is an imperfect process of excretion of copper and storage in the liver that causes serious damage to the liver. now known as a simple autosomal recessive. Tail docking is the process of removing a part of the tail of the dog is usually left half or the ‘handful’ long left.

patterdale terier photo

Patterdale terrier picture

patterdale terrier photo

Patterdale terrier picture

Care and training

Patterdale Terrier has a layer that requires weekly maintenance, brushing at least once with a thick coat. besides stripping should also be done, if you are unsure, it is recommended to be taken to a professional groomer to minimize shedding.
Patterdale Terrier is an energetic dog and requires plenty of training. Training forĀ Patterdale Terrier include; obedience, dexterity, agility should be the main menu daily. at least, daily walks, jogging, brisk walking, etc. and, because Patterdale has the soul of hunting, take them hunting occasionally even a simulation, simply to satisfy their hunt desire. If you like hiking, is very appropriate to bring Patterdale with you, they really enjoyed it.

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