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Maltese Terrier puppy– small white dog of Malta’s well-known for its physical beauty and contrast the spirit of independence. This is a dog of ‘toys’ race category, however, what it lacks in size and height it makes up for  in character and loyal affection. This spirited little dog’s first was brought to England by the Crusaders (the soldiers who took part in the fighting in the Crusades) from the Mediterranean. This type became popular, especially among women, who used to hold them and even sleep with them.

white puppy dog

puppy dog

Maltese are small dogs are suitable to serve as companions. Sparkling white hanging down. This breed does not have undercoat, and the fur should not be wavy or curly. The coat should be shiny and along the length of approximately 8.5 inches (22 cm). His ears are shut down and it’s tail is covered with feathers down ti the rear. The snout is slightly tapered and have a third of the lenght of hte head. His nose should be black and open his nostril be perfectly clear and visible. his body should be slightly longer  than her height eith a balanced spine. This breed has a balanced and stable bone. When running, the Maltese are proportional it will look like a white cloud (feathers) that floats above the ground.

Maltese dog puppy picture

maltese puppy

maltese puppy dog

Maltese dog puppy Wallpaper

puppy picture

puppy picture

Maltese puppy_dog



Despite it’s small size, Maltese seem to never be afraid. A sense of disbelief and become one belover response to it’s appeal. Maltese is a breed of dog that is full of passion and love to play. He is very gentle, loving, trusting and devoted all his attention to his employer. He’s also very smart dog. If you train him a trick, like sit or shake a hand, he’ll learn it quickly. But, don’t forget to give him enough reward. This breed is also very brave and quick to react when they hear suspicious noises. He had become friends since the first dog, he’s very easy to love. He’s also very easy to adapt to other animals.

Maltese puppy dog picture

maltese-dog puppy

maltese-dog puppy

 Maltese Terrier care

This breed is easily sun burned part of the section of hair. Skin problems, respiratory, eye and teeth. This breed may also be  somewhat difficult to eat due to weak digestion. They may have a fever and feel uncomfortable in hot weather. Maltese should be kept away from damps areas. It’s good, you teach them to pee on the paper (paper-train), to avoid going outside the house during bad weather.This breed is very suitable for those who live in apartments or houses that are not too large. They’re very active indoors and are not a problem if you do not have a yard. They also happy to walk on a regular basis or just playing around in the park.

White Puppy Wallpaper

white puppy dog

white puppy dog

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