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The Leonberger comes from Leonberg, Germany. Leonberger  is loyal dog, intelligent, quiet and friendly. This dog  include a large sized dog, strong and muscular. Leons are bred as family dogs around the 1800s. At first, they were used as a versatile farm dog. They are also suitable as a guard dog with a lot of space in properties such as keeping livestock and villas. They quickly became popular because it is solid, stable, friendly, and a tendency to be a good watchdog and has the power to pull carts and other work.
Some sources consider that the ancestors of this breed is a St Bernard and a Newfoundland. Interestingly, the Newfoundland heritage, they are a very good swimmer and used in countries including Italy and Canada as surf lifesaving and seals.

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Puppy Leonberger picture


Leonberger male has a height of about 74-80 cm (29-31 inches), weight about 59-77 kg (130-170 pounds). for females, height of about 61-74 cm (27-29 inches), weight about 45-59 kg (100-130 pounds).

Leonberger Including a large sized dog, with a strong body, muscular yet still elegant and not too big or fat. This dog has a rectangular head with skull slightly rounded, proportionate to her body. The face is usually covered by a black mask, with dark eyes, snout rather long and big black nose. on leonberger males, saliva collecting Flews loose, so some men may drool a little. Sized ear was hanging up and level the set at the side of the head. This dog has a deep chest containing a big heart and set of lungs to enable it to work effectively without straining. His tail is very long and reaches hock of the hind legs. Front and rear legs are hairy. Pads of the feet are black. They often have webbed feet.
Leonberger has a thick double coat and water-resistant, able to withstand extreme cold and hard in and out of the water. Leonberger thick mane which creates look like a lion. This takes a long time to develop, about 4 years old. for color, the color of sand Leonberger shows yellow, brown, red, lion-yellow, golden to red, sand, cream, pale yellow and combinations of these colors, but always with a black mask.


The Leonberger is known as a gentle giant dog, loyal, self-disciplined, alert, intelligent, and friendly. A social nature dog, they can live happily with other pets, even a guardian for some people. It has a friendly personality and loves every person, including children, strangers, dogs, and other pets. they love and happy to be included in all family events and very adaptable to most any environment. Young children should be supervised when playing or being around this dog, because it’s big size body enough, may be inflicted on children, even accidentally / aimless harm. but, overall, This dog is a perfect family pet as a first class companion dog and have a lot of patience with children and other animals.

Leonberger Dog Pictures

Leonberger dog wallpaper

Leonberger dog picture

Leonberger wallpaper

Leonberger picture

leonberger dogs

leonberger dogs picture

Health Problems

The Leonberger can survive up to 9 years old, on average between 8 and 9 years old. Leonberger Susceptible to a number of health problems that affect large breeds generally. The problems that arise in this breed are; Orthopedic problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans and panosteitis; hip dysplasia is defective hip joint that can lead to lameness or arthritis; osteochondritis is cracked cartilage causes pain in the joints, which The most common in the shoulder, and several types of cancer; osteosarcoma (bone cancer), polyneuropathy, neurological disease, Addison’s disease, hypothyroidism, and bloat / gastric torsion. bloat can be potentially fatal to dogs. The best way to avoid this is to regular feeding with small portions, and no exercise for at least an hour after eating.
Another problem is the number of eye diseases such as cataracts, entropion, ectropion (eyelid curl that may scratch the cornea) and the problem of Obesity. keep this dog to keep weight under ideal conditions, is one way to prolong his life. so, consider feeding, drinking and exercise.
Not all of these health problems can be tested. therefore, it is difficult to predict whether the animals are free of disease. it is highly recommended, you should find a reputable breeder committed to breeding healthy animals as possible. They should have an independent certification that ensure that the parents of the dog (and grandparents, etc.) have been screened for genetic defects and deemed healthy for the breed.

picture of leonberger dogs

Leonberger dogs

Care and Training

The Leonberger should be brushed weekly, daily when shedding. Bath only when necessary. This dog has a thick coat that is very useful to protect the body during extreme weather.

The Leonberger requires a lot of training, including physical and mental stimulation. Daily walks is a good daily menu for this dog. besides, Leonberger also enjoy hiking, swimming, and meetings of family and friends. Leonbergers can be trained to do almost anything as long as you have patience and a sense of humor. Leonberger can be trained in obedience, water rescue, agility, handling and herding, pulling carts and sleds. advised to limit exercise during the heat of the day and always provide access to clean water and shade.
If you have planned to use Leo to pull carts or taking a hike, you should wait until the dog grows, at least 18 months old. not recommended before the age of about 18 months.

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