Lakeland Terrier Dog Puppies

Lakeland Terrier is a sturdy dog, strong, balanced with head covered with elegant thick fur, bearded and looks beautiful. glance, Lakeland similar to welsh terrier, but lakeland is slightly smaller . Lakeland comes from the Lake District, UK. they are one of the oldest terrier generation, which is still there. they are the result of a cross between Bedlington Terrier and  wirehaired Old English.
Lakeland was originally bred for hunting pest type and also used as guard dogs on the ranch. it relates, lakeland has good stamina and energy to perform work activities throughout the day. but now, yeah you know, Lakeland is a family pet dog . they really enjoy playing with adults or children and have a way to entertain his master. this makes a Lakeland pet entertaining and very enjoyable.

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Lakeland terrier Puppies


Lakeland terrier male has a height of about 37 cm (14.5 inches), as well as females, but males usually are higher than females. for weight loss, weight males lakeland 7.7 kg (17 pounds) and females 6.8 (15 pounds).
Lakeland Terrier is a small dog with a sturdy body, balanced, lean, which enables him to trace the nests of pests while hunting. lakeland has a square head shape slightly elongated, well elongated snout, hair disheveled rather thick, small ears folded down, a black nose, medium-sized oval eyes and dark brown. lakeland has a long neck and tail erect a slightly curved forward.
Lakeland Terrier has a double coat (undercoat soft, solid and hard outer layer and clay) that are resistant to weathering. they also have a feather with variations and combinations of colors; black and tan, black and brown combination, red grizzle, liver, wheat, straw brown, blue and brown or any other color combination. Grizzle is the appearance of black hair and brown in the saddle and back area.

Lakeland terrier puppy

puppy Lakeland terrier


Lakeland terrier is active dog, cheerful, alert, courageous and confident. despite its relatively small size, but they are actively supported by a lot of stamina. They love to run, chase and thrive on outdoor activities, because they are basically bred to hunt, so the blood hunt is still attached to them. They respond well to consistent training and a firm.
Lakeland is a loving dog, loving and tolerant of children and easy to get along with other dogs, other pets also. however, you have to watch, because it has a natural tendency lakeland (hunting instinct) to catch small animals such as birds, rabbits, hamsters, cats etc. for that, early socialization is needed to make harmonious relationships with family members, other dogs and other family pets.

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Lakeland terrier wallpaper

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white Lakeland terrier wallpaper

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Lakeland terrier puppies

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Lakeland terrier wallpaper

Health Problems

Lakeland terrier able to survive up to 15 years. lakeland grow healthy and very tough. some health issues that you should consider include eye problems (cataracts), lens luxation and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. Some may be more prone to cataracts than others.

lakeland terrier picture

Lakeland terrier picture

Lakeland Terriers walpaper

Lakeland Terriers picture

Care and training

Lakeland terrier takes care include: coats, with daily maintenance and stripping done twice a year. if you are not skilled and hesitated to do so, it is recommended to be taken to a Professional groomer. Excessive hair that grows around the foot pads should be trimmed, in order to remain good. the ears must be kept clean, you need to check the ears to ensure cleanliness and health.
Lakeland is an active dog, and always wanted something to do. training should be varied to avoid boredom. they were very happy to move out of the house such as a walk, jog, or accompany you when you are riding a bicycle. In addition, active games, dexterity also need to be given as catch and agility skills.

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