Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Information

Kerry Blue Terrier is a brave dog, intelligent, independent and versatile. For appearance, as the name suggests (Blue Kerry), this dog has a distinctive coat colors and soft steel, wool hair. They have strong muscles and bones, short back with long legs terrier, soft coat, dense, wavy, and blue-gray typical. This dog came from County Kerry, Ireland. Often called the Blue Terrier Kerry Ireland. At first, these dogs were bred to hunt birds, kill rodents and small game. They are also used as guard dogs for livestock. indeed, the Kerry Blue Terrier able to perform various tasks, such as chasing, hunting, exploring, swimming and digging. For that, they need daily mental and physical stimulation.

In addition, they also have adequate athletic ability that these dogs became popular in the mid 1900. At that time, Kerry Blue begin appearing at the show. Now, although not very well known, the Blue Kerry is very useful for breeders. Kerry Blue is also regarded as a good family pet, friendly and protective.

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Kerry Blue Terrier males have a height of 46-51 cm (18 ½ – 20 inches), female height of about 44-48 cm (17 ½ – 19 inches). Both weight ranges from 15-18 kg (33-40 pounds).

Kerry Blue Terrier has a fairly muscular body (middle), with a long head, proportionate to her body. Small dark eyes. A light-colored eyes highly undesirable for show. Longish muzzle, black nose with wide nostrils. Small V-shaped ears, the ears fold up a bit. Long neck and extends to the shoulder. High tail straight sets, docked to medium length.
Kerry Blue has a soft coat with blue colored stone, corrugated and solid. It is resemble the head of the fine texture of human hair. Coat colors including black very dark blue, shades of brown tinges and slate blue color to light gray. Black or dark blue dots on the head, snout, feet and tail are allowed at any age. Usually, Pups are  born with black or reddish-black. Color will remain as they are around 2 years old. If the dog’s coat remains solid black after 18 months of age should not be shown in AKC events.


The Kerry Blue Terrier is a dog that smart, confident, courageous, strong and versatile. Kerry blue can keep, hunting, herding and as a good companion dog. Khey are also well in dog sports such as agility and obedience. The nature of intelligent and strong-willed, often makes these dogs are stubborn and sometimes tend to be aggressive toward other dogs and small animals. Therefore, it would require early socialization with children and other pets to avoid problems.
Kerry Blue Terrier likes to be the only dog ??in the family. They also like a family that can fulfill outdoor activities. Because the Kerry Blue is not like being cooped up in the room. If needs are not met, they can be very destructive and display bad behavior.

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Health Problems

Kerry Blue Terrier can survive up to 15 years, average between 12 to 15 years. Generally, Kerry Blue grow healthy and strong, but same with other dog, these dogs are prone to certain health conditions. The main issues that arise in dogs are eye problems, such as dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca), keratitis pigment, entropion and cataracts. dry eyes and pigment keratitis can occur together. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca occurs when the eye does not produce enough tears to keep it moist. Pigment keratitis is a condition that causes black spots on the cornea, especially in the corner near the nose. If your dog has a condition, then take it to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can prescribe medication that will help keep your dog eyes moist and dissolve the pigment. Entropion is rolling into the eyelid, usually lower, and are found in both eyes. An effective treatment is corrective surgery when the dog reaches adulthood. Cataracts, this causes opacity in the lens of the eye, making vision poor. Generally, cataracts occur in old age. This disease can be removed with surgery to improve vision.
Other health issues include, Progressive Neuronal Abiotrophy (PNA), It is a rare inherited neurological disorder. Symptoms appear when the dogs aged between 2 and 6 months. By the time the dog reaches the age of one year, he could not stand. Unfortunately, there is no treatment and testing for this condition. Factor Xl Deficiency (Plasma Thromboplastin antecedent Deficiency), it is also a rare inherited blood clotting disorder. This disease is characterized by severe bleeding after surgery or trauma.
Additionally, some of which tend to Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, abiotrophy cerebellar, skin cysts and cancer.

Note: Not all of the Blue Kerry that will get any or all of these diseases. But this is important information if you’re considering this breed as a family pet. If you buy a puppy, find the breeder who can show the health permit both parents of your puppy.

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Care and Training

The Kerry Blue Terrier requires excellent care, especially on the mantle. Coat care is done by combing two times a week. Scissoring needs to be done every month to form a coat. It will also keep the appearance of a coat remains soft, neat and beautiful. Other than that, clean the ears and pull the hair that grows in the canal. This guard Kerry Blue of chronic infection in the outer ear canal.

Kerry Blue Including strong dog, agile and athletic. They need physical and mental stimulation on a regular basis. Physical stimulation is done by regular exercise, including daily street, jogging, agility training and catch. Mental stimulation is done by firm training  but loving, coupled with positive reinforcement and praise. This will make the dog is able to learn quickly. Socialization is also the mental stimulation that can train the dog’s personality. This also can make mentally alert.
If you have a family member or you’ve just adopted this dog, the dog must be socialized early with them. In addition, you also have to introduce a new environment such as walking around the garden, out to the streets and participating various outdoor activities. If you and the Blue Kerry live in an apartment, then give a chance at least three daily walks, even if it is raining or the temperature is below freezing.