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Jack Russell Terrier is an energetic dog, fearless and friendly. Jack Russell is a fun dog to have around in the right environment. They are friendly towards children and easily trained. they also love to spend time with their owners. Jack Russell Terriers were bred in the year 1800, when the dog is used to hunt the badger. his race name is taken from a pastor name, the Rev. Jack Russell.

jack russell terrier dog

jack russell terrier dog

Jack Russell puppy

Puppy Jack Russell


Male and female Jack Russell has a height 25-38 cm (10-15 inches). whereas the weight for keduannya about 6-8 (14-18 pounds).

although jack russell is small but they’re perfect dog, Sturdy and tough , with a body that is proportional to their height, they are compact dogs with dark eyes, bright and alive, down, triangle ears and predominantly white coat with black markings, brown or black and brown. The coat can be either coarse or fine and is just a personal choice and made for life outdoors, usually a double coat. Jack Russell Terrier’s chest is not too deep, it is important in supporting the work of a jack russell.


Jack Russell Terrier is a cheerful dog, active, loyal, and loving dog. Spirit and obedient, yet absolutely fearless. Jack Russell Terrier has a size of more energy than the size of small dogs. High energy and passionate nature makes it a great choice for dog sports such as flyball and natural intelligence can be focused on agility and obedience competitions. The Jack Russell can be aggressive with other dogs if not properly trained and socialized. therefore early socialization is paramount, especially if the dog is living with smaller animals.

Jack Russell Terrier Wallpapers

jack russell terrier

jack russell terrier with a flower in his mouth

Jack Russell Terrier playing in Heather

Jack Russell Terrier playing in Heather

Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

jack russell puppies

jack russell terrier puppies

puppy jack russell terrier

puppy jack russell terrier

puppy jack russell terrier

puppy jack russell

Health Problems

Jack Russell terrier life expectancy reaches 16 years of age. they are the dogs healthy and live longer. This is mainly due to a reasonable use of the gene pool was adopted by a good breeder. however, some are prone to dislocated kneecaps, inherited eye disease (cataracts), deafness, Legg Perthes disease hip joints of small breeds. if you have a dog, it is recommended to check the health of the eye and knee to anticipate the possibility of suffering from the disease.

ack russell terrier

cute jack russell terrier

jack russell terrier and a ball

jack russell terrier playing a ball

jack russell terrier running

jack russell terrier running in the garden

Care and Training

This breed requires treatment once a week brushing the coat to remove dead hair. to exercise, she needs lots of exercise, especially mental and physical stimulation every day. He’s not a dog that can sit inside. they can be a nuisance even if the desire to hunt and play are not met. then he needs to run long or tough game every day, plus a short training session. but he should do so only in a safe area because it tends to go to look for problems, and some go down holes and must be dug! He did the best when allowed access to the house and yard.

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