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Irish Terrier is a happy dog, ??brave, active, energetic, assertive, independent and curious. he tends to like people, he’s a loyal companion and entertaining dog. he has a rectangular body coated, black and brown rough evolved gradually into the breed we know today. Irish Terrier was developed in Ireland with the main goal is to breed a dog with courage and ability to keep his family from intruders, and the instinct to kill pests, while living in peace with family and livestock. This quality is still found today in this dog.

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Irish terrier male and female height of about 43 cm (18 inches). and weighs between 11-15 kg (25-27 pound). Irish males larger size. this is reasonable.

Irish Terrier dog

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This dog has a rectangular body with a shiny dark red color. Irish terrier has a beautiful head with darker ears, neat and fell into the eye. own eyes are dark-colored dogs. neck leads into strong shoulders. legs straight, docked tails are prevalent. These dogs generally have a dark red color, and lighter on the occasion of ‘wheat’ color was found. as with many solid-colored dog as a small patch on the chest. Layer itself is thick and the double layer, clay, but straight out. The bottom layer is the same color as the outer coat and hardly distinguishable. Mantle often trimmed down, with a ‘beard’ traditional left on the chin, which serves to improve the shape of a rectangular body.


Irish Terrier is a brave dog, active, energetic, assertive, independent, fun and have a curiosity that is high enough. he has the will to action and adventure. he enjoys the mental and physical stimulation in all its forms. These dogs love to chase, hunt, run and explore. you as the owner must pay attention to this, because if they do not receive the required level, they can be hyperactive at home.
They also have the ability to solve very well and be able to get along with children very well. He is a loyal companion and entertaining dog. early socialization with all other animals is necessary to avoid fights and other things that we do not want.

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irish terrier puppy

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Health Problems

Irish Terriers can survive up to 15 years. This dog is one of very healthy dog breed and not prone to disease. however, urolithiasis require attention, although this possibility is a small place. Urolithiasis are common in dogs ± 6 years old, although the dog a few weeks old to 16 years may also be suffering from urolithiasis.

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Urolithiasis is a disease caused by a stone (urolith) or crystals in the urinary tract (urinary tract). Stones and crystals can be found in the kidney, urethra, and most of the vesicles urinary (bladder). The presence or polycrystalline rocks may make urinary tract irritation, resulting in the channel is broken, blood was found along with the urine that can cause pain.

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Care and Exercise

Irish Terriers have a coat that must be treated at least once a week, you should pay attention! This Irish Terriers coat care will involve stripping back cover several times per year with a sharp knife. If you are not familiar with this technique, it is recommended that a professional groomer to do it. Once this is done, coat the wire easier for owners to handle, twice a day enough for Irish Terriers.
These dogs need a lot of regular exercise. They require at least daily long, brisk walking, in which the dog was made to heel beside or behind the human holding the lead. They are very responsive to training and can easily learn a new command, especially when the training is based on motivation and reward.

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