Irish Setter Dog Puppies

Irish Setter is an intelligent dog, well-behaved and loves training. this is because Setter including sporting dog and he needed enough activity every day. Setter has a beautiful appearance, clad in a long red and smooth.
Irish Setter is not only famous in her home country (Ireland), but also well-known in the United States, Germany and Britain. dogs known as the “Setter” was originally bred for hunting in the plateaus, marshy areas and peat. no wonder, because the dog has a strong smell and instinct to hunt. and in the early 19th century, Setter was introduced in the exhibition arena. and now, Irish Setter made as a family pet dog. Irish Setter form strong bonds with their owners, they are also gentle and friendly with other pets.

irish setters wallpaper

Irish setters picture

Irish Setter photo

Irish Setter picture


Irish Setter males have a height of approximately 66-71cm (26-28 inches), weighing 29-34kg (65-75 pounds). for females, around 61-66cm (24-26 inches), weight 25-29kg (55-65 pounds)

Irish setter look graceful, elegant, have the stamina and energy to perform daily activities. setter has a slender head, a long snout, dark almond-shaped eyes, a dark nose and protruding ears long thin again. setter has a long neck and slightly curved at the top. in the chest, abdomen slender, so it looks clear boundary between the chest and abdomen. straight front legs strong and muscular, elbows back foot quite sharp and strong. Valentine tapered tail bone and parallel to the back line.
Irish Setters have long hair on the chest, legs, belly and tail. Setter covered by a smooth coat, luxurious, rich and glossy deep red chestnut. for color, red coat they can range from dark brown (called mahogany), with a few white patches or without white spots.

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Irish setter puppies


Irish setter is a friendly dog, has a gentle nature to adults, children, other animals and even to strangers. setter can be a good friend, fun, love, loyal to you. and certainly a good choice to serve as home pets.
Irish setters are dogs that were bred to hunt, alert, and energetic stamina. without enough practice to make a setter frustrating. and you should be aware that hunting instinct that linger in the blood setter. strongly advised to supervise them when playing around small animals that you may have at home such as rabbits, hamsters, birds, cats and etc. because one sense, it could be animals subjected to setter.

Irish setter Dog Wallpapers

Irish Setter Dog picture

Irish Setter Dog Wallpaper

Irish Setter picture

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Irish Setter dog picture

Irish Setter dog Wallpaper

Health Problems

Irish Setter able to survive up to 14 years. Generally, setter is a healthy breed. but, there are some diseases that you should watch out for are; bloat (related to feeding patterns, better feed 2 or 3 times a day in small portions, avoid feeding once in large portions). setter besides Prone to epilepsy, severe skin allergies, elbow dysplasia and hip, eye problems such as hypothyroidism and retinal degeneration and PRA. for PRA, a genetic test has been developed to detect the presence of PRA. ear examination is recommended to prevent ear infections and inflammation.

irish setter dog photo

irish setter dog picture

Care and training

Irish setter coat requires regular maintenance with brushing and combing every two or three days. pruning can be done in order to look good. for members of the body, it is advisable to check the ears setter least once a week, to make sure the ears stay clean, dry and to prevent ear infections.
Irish Setter is a dog that requires daily practice enough, considering they are dogs that were bred to hunt. Setter at least 2 times a day walking, jogging to keep your dog happy and free from boredom.

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