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English Springer Spaniel is the brother of greater than Cocker Spaniel English. Springer is an active dog and affectionate. This is the kind of dog who likes to be outside and will be happy to walk and run all day. he will settle well at home with family after a good days play.
English Springer Spaniel has two types of variants based on their role (Job strain and the strain of Show), and it is important to distinguish because each has different characteristics and capabilities. Job strain Dog types are smaller, have a lighter bone, active, and talented in hunting activities. His cousin (strain of show) has the physical characteristics of the opposite, but has the same talent in the hunt. Curious and playful nature of dogs is coupled with the ability to learn and trainability make them suitable for various types of work, for example, a sniffer dog. Race is sometimes used by police to track the presence of drugs, particularly in the port or airport. An added value to the race that has many uses.

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english springer spaniel dog

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English Springer Spaniel males have a height 46-51cm (19-21 inches) weighing 18-23kg (45-55 pounds). females 48-56cm tall (18-20 inches), weighing 20-25kg (40-50 pounds)
Springer is a beautiful dog in proportion to the chest and a tail that is carried on the back with a working strain appear more subtle than the bone and a lighter appearance. Springer Spaniel job strain and almond-shaped eyes Show has the same, set in a dark and sad but that can come hide wit! Shirts from each strain are very different, with strains Show has a plush coat and glossy green, with long hair from the legs and around the trim while the strain of work featuring the coat is more practical and shorter. ear of strains Show more long, with lots of ear-shaped lobular soft fur on them. Ear to the Spaniel serves the purpose to protect the workings of the inner ear when the dog enters the water, with their innate love for the water, he would do whenever he had the chance.


English Springer Spaniel is a friendly, relaxed, obedient, quick to learn and fun. Springer is a popular choice as a family pet, mainly because of its compliance. Relaxed but energetic nature of this breed also makes it a great choice for active families with children. Springer Spaniel is a great family pet as much as it is like working in the field. Job strain and both strains Show, they are intelligent and easy to train but can become easily bored without enough stimulation that can lead to mischievous or destructive behavior at home, especially when left alone for long periods of time. remember, Strain Work requires the exercise of more than show the strain. so you have to adjust their own needs.

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Springer Spaniel puppies

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Health Problems

English Springers can survive up to 14 years. Springer Spaniels are prone to a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It is a disease of connective tissue (collagen) in skin, which produces delicate, loose skin is more susceptible to tearing and can not heal itself as easily as they should. The severity can range from mild to life threatening, but while there is no current medication, supportive therapy and corrective surgery can be available from your veterinarian. other diseases, some English Springers are prone to hip dysplasia (HD), PRA (which affects the eyes), and PFK, blood disorders, epilepsy and it is recommended to check the condition of the ear.

English springer spaniel dog

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Care and Exercise

Springer Spaniel has a coat that is longer, so they require frequent maintenance (preferably daily), particularly strains Show. and may also benefit from professional treatment every few months. In addition, because of the nature of the dog is a little nosy and love them from the water and everything muddy, regular shampooing may be required.

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Springers enjoy the sport as much as you can give it. They should have the opportunity to take a walk or jog every day where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the man. They also will benefit from the run and play off the ropes. They love to retrieve and swim. These dogs perform very well in both agility skills trials and obedience competitions.

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