English Setter Dog and Puppies

English Setter is a Gundog which has exquisite appearance, athletic and elegant. English Setter is a family of Setter dog included Red Setter, Irish Setter and a typical black and tan Setter Gordon. These dogs were bred with a combination of athleticism and endurance to cover many areas when hunting. English setter is a hunting dog that likes to live and run. English Setter has the ability to run tirelessly at a good pace.
This dog has a flat coat with fur on the ears, down, back, legs, thighs, and tail. Her signs are typical, consisting of spots of color, sometimes with patches, on a white background. The combination of good looks and the ability to make a hunting companion English setter hunting a man perfect. As the family dog, English Setter is calm dog and obedient dog house. They are very relaxed, friendly, gentle and gets along well with children, adults who are less active, other dogs and other pets.

english setter dog

English Setter dog picture

english setter photo

English Setter picture


English Setter male height about 61-69 cm (24-27 inches), weight about 25-36 kg (55-80 pounds). height for females 58-66 cm (23-26 inches), weight 20-32 kg (45-70 pounds)

English Setter is a Gundog working with a slim body. English Setter has a lovely fluffy silk coat in the back of the legs, abdomen, bottom, ears and chest. This dog has an oval-shaped skull, set back ears (hanging down), big round eyes are dark brown, long square muzzle, wide nose with black or brown in color and the teeth meet in level. For the body, English Setter has a deep chest (not too wide or round), while the tail starts at the topline, thick at the base and tapers to a point. Dewclaws are sometimes removed.

English Setter has a flat coat, smooth, bumpy. Feathers appear on the tail, legs, bottom, stomach, chest and ears. For color, English Setter accepted in a number of colourways. Coat colors include white with blue, lemon sign, orange, or brown of various signs. Some dogs appear tricolor colors (blue, white and brown). Some examples, including the Llewellin Setter, can boast tri-color coat with white markings, blue and brown. Por patches, the patches on the unique coat can be mild to severe and sizes. In addition to beautiful, this coat makes him warm in cold weather and cool when temperatures rise.


The English Setter is intelligent dog, cheerful, friendly, gentle, sensitive, and sometimes can be stubborn. This dog is very friendly with humans. They can be a friend to hunters, families and all members of the family. The English Setter is known as a gentle dog, quiet and very good with children. English Setter is also good with other dogs and other pets. Early socialization will increasingly create a harmonious relationship within the family. This Dog also very friendly with strangers. However setter will bark if there’s an intruder. This makes it a reliable watchdog.

The English Setter requires a lot of activities and enjoys playing with other dogs. They are prone to bark if they are not given enough mental stimulation or physical.

English Setter Dog pictures

english setter photo

English Setter dog picture

English Setter dog photo

English Setter dog picture

english setter dog picture

English setter picture

Health Problems

English Setter able to live up to 14 years old, an average between 10-12 years old. This dog grew relatively healthy. However there are some health problems in this dogs, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, deafness, PRA, cancer, retinal disorders. Hip dysplasia, is a condition in which the femur is inherited do not fit into the hip joint. If you buy a puppy, We encourage you to ask for proof of the dog breeders that parents of the puppy have been tested for hip dysplasia and are free of problems. Elbow dysplasia, in which abnormalities in the joints means that the joints dislocate easily can lead to pain and paralysis. The condition is severe, treatment measures include surgery. Deafness, Twelve per cent of the UK setter comes with congenital deafness. Some forms of deafness and hearing loss can be treated with drugs and surgery, but usually can not be cured deafness. But you can help by buying a hearing aid that many in the market, such as vibrating collar. This will make life easier for you and your dog. Hypothyroidism, this is a problem with the thyroid gland, where abnormally low levels of a hormone produced by the thyroid gland. Signs your dog is suffering from this disease are obesity, irregular heat cycles, low energy, mental dullness and eyelids pale.
Females English Setter are prone to false pregnancies. These dogs are also prone to mast cell tumor. For the test, it is advisable to test; hips, elbows, hearing, eye.

english setter dog

English setter dog picture

english setter puppy

Puppy English Setter picture

Care and Training

English Setter Chesterfield requires treatment with regular brushing between 2 to 3 days. However, it is important to check the coat regularly. For best performance, use shampoo to clean the coat and cut long hair every few months. Then, cut nails and hair around the legs to keep them clean and free of foreign objects.
English Setter needs a lot of exercise every day. At least a long daily walk, fast or jog an hour and hard labor. English Setter should be trained with a consistent and loving approach. This dog is intelligent and sensitive enough. They can learn various tricks, games, and tasks. But the English Setter has a eye for birds of prey. This makes them vulnerable.
English Setter dog is not suitable for apartment living. They need space to roam and play. If the exercise are not met, they will become restless and may show bad behavior and even destructive. Thus, meeting the needs of training should be sufficient.