Chinese Crested Dog Information

Chinese Crested is a small dog that is active and able to move swiftly. Crested has two variants: the long coat called a “hairy” and without fur-called “Powder Puff“, but not entirely without hair, actually there is a thin fuzz on the skin. on the head, legs and tail grow long soft fur. Leather and fur can be any color, either solid, mixed or look around. you need to consider, Crested variant without feathers have soft skin that is sensitive and you have to do to give powder puff lotion on the skin to prevent dryness.

Crested is a very good dog, can make friends with anyone and never look aggressive so it is suitable to be kept as a family dog. This dog did not bark often and easily trained.

chinese crested dog picture

Chinese crested dog picture

Chinese Crested image

Chinese Crested picture


Chinese Crested has a height of about 30cm (12 inches), weight approximately 4.5kg (10 pounds)

Chinese Crested has a rounded wedge-shaped skull, snout rather long tapers on the cheek, and some may have incomplete teeth, but it is not known why. Crested almond-shaped eyes, dark and big ears stand erect. on the head and ears grow long hair puff.

These dogs have strong shoulders, back straight and flat, the toe legs grow long hair adorned legs, and a long tail down to the bottom position. Crested skin is very delicate and sensitive and has patches of color, even colored almost covered all the body. however, Crested who have dark skin are preferred.


The Chinese Crested dog is a sweet, friendly, lively, intelligent and alert. Chinese Crested dog is a comforting companion, loyal and protective of all family members. Chinese Cresteds become very attached to their owners, no matter you are cooking, cleaning, reading newspapers / magazines or even bathing, Crested you’ll be there. in addition, they also like to play on the carpet, learn new tricks and explore the household. An interesting fact about this type is that they are very good climbers and diggers.

Crested has affectionate nature with children. therefore, Crested easily gets along with the kids. however, small children should be supervised around the powder puff, they should be taught not to be rude to puff. because it does not have a puff hair protector and can be easily injured, then you need to protect in order to avoid playing rough puff children. besides, Crested also easy to get along with other dogs and household pets. previously, socializing with family members is very important.

Chinese Crested Dog Wallpapers

Chinese Crested wallpaper

Chinese Crested wallpaper

Chinese Crested wallpaper 1

Chinese Crested wallpaper 1

chinese crested wallpaper 2

Chinese crested wallpaper 2

Health Problems

The Chinese Crested Dog can survive up to 14 years. on average between the ages of 12 to 13 years. Although there are several congenital diseases, in general Crested dog breed is healthy and robust.

Crested disease that often affects the other; Skin Problems: Crested skin prone to allergies (especially to wool and lanolin), fungal bacteria, or parasites. Crested needs special care to prevent skin irritation. Crested hairless also prone to tooth loss and damage. therefore, the teeth must be cared for properly to prevent damage. Powder Puffs are likely to have healthy teeth.

other than that, you should be aware of the disease, among others; Legg-Calve-Perthes disease (degeneration is spontaneous hip (coxofemoral) joint) and Sprain patella (Commonly known as the “knee slipping,” occurs when the patella is removed from the joints).

chinese crested puppy picture

Chinese crested puppy picture

chinese crested wallpaper 3

Chinese crested wallpaper 3

Care and Training

Chinese Crested does not need hair care that means, but you need to consider is skin care. Although these dogs are strong with the hot weather, it is recommended not too often, because it will damage the skin. Crested have sensitive skin. skin care gift for Crested especially for skin creams, as few feathers so very easy to dry. besides, bathing Crested done if needed.

There is always the temptation to bring a small dog, but they need their exercise as larger dogs, though perhaps not in the same amount. The Chinese Crested Dog will need at least one run or play day. Given its ability to gain weight, this is very important.