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The Brussels Griffon is a small dog with compact body, sturdy, intelligent, confident, affectionate and has a terrier disposition. Brussels has adorable appearance, and that interest, they have human-like facial expressions. This breed was developed in Belgium from the Affenpinscher and the Belgian street dog. originally used as a rat catcher in a cage. Gradually, people began to keep this dog as a adorable companion dog, and therefore a good choice as a family pet.

brussels griffon dog image

Brussels griffon dog picture

cute brussels griffon wallpaper

cute brussels griffon picture

There are two types of coats, rough or smooth, and in Europe the difference is considered separate offspring. Breed rough coated is called “Brussels Griffon“, is often a rather bushy beard grow are usually black, eyes were dark and small. whereas, smooth coated breed called “Brabonçon Petit“. At first glance, this version closely resembles the Pug smooth coat, while the rough coat is more like a Affenpinscher or type of spaniel.

brussels griffon image

Brussels griffon picture

The Brussels Griffon also known as Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge, Griffon Bruxellois, Piccolo Branbantino and Griffon Belgian.


Brussels Griffon has a height of about 18-20cm (7-8 inches), weighing approximately 2,5-5.5 kg (6-12 pounds).

Brussels dog has a face like a “monkey”, and has a human-like facial expressions. characterized by rounded skull, short muzzle, domed forehead, prominent black eyes, short nose with large nostrils raised and mostly black, as well as high set ears are small in size, half erect. Gently curved neck is medium length and leads to the rear, the body is short and compact but thick. wiry hair coat and overall solid build and a glimpse of Brussels. There are two types of coats found on the Brussels Griffon, rough and smooth. Thin coat rough in texture, with no hairy or silky texture. Smooth coat is short and close to the body without any indication of plasticity. Coat colors for Brussels Griffon can be black, red, or black and tan Belgian general in Brussels.

brussels griffon puppy picture

Brussels griffon puppy picture

brussels puppy photo

Brussels puppy picture


Brussels Griffon is intelligent dog, cheerful, confident, bold, fun, affectionate, sometimes stubborn and mischievous. He tends to bark and climbing. besides, the dog, nicknamed “monkey face” is prone to Small Dog Syndrome. ie they want to be treated like a human child. they are too confident, even feel powerful in the house, to behave as ugly as demanding, obsessive barking, guarding, separation anxiety, snapping and even biting. if this occurs, Brussels might be untrustworthy with children and sometimes even adults. This behavior is caused by the lack of a leader, who gave the training, rules that must be followed (compliance) and the limit of the allowed behaviors. obedience training conducted jointly with the right amount and variety of sports. that’s what you should do if you have a brussels. with many complementary nature makes Brussels a companion dog, friendly entertainers. good for the owner, with the other dogs and other pets like cats.

Brussels Griffon Wallpapers

brussels dog walpaper

Brussels dog wallpaper

brussels grifoon puppy image

Brussels griffon puppy wallpaper

puppy brussels picture

Puppy Brussels wallpaper

puppy brussels dog photo

puppy Brussels dog wallpaper

Health Problems

Brussels Griffon able to survive until the age of 15 years. average between 12 and 15 years old. breeds are prone to respiratory problems because of their short snout). respiratory disease is known as stenotic nares, which narrows the nostril / pinched. it happens when the nostrils breeds of dog are smaller than normal, so the small alley to the lungs was significantly increased resistance to airflow. combined with the extended soft taste can sometimes inhibit breathing.
these dogs are also susceptible to various types of diseases of the eye, this is due to the unique anatomy of the face, such as protopsis or expulsion prolapse/eyeballs, sprains Lens, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, distichiasis, glaucoma, cataracts and other related problems.

for females, it is usually difficult to become pregnant and are likely to face whelping problems and usually requires the help of a veterinarian to perform a cesarean. in addition, only 60 percent of the pups survived.

dog brussels griffon photo

dog Brussels griffon picture

Brussels Griffon picture

Brussels Griffon photo

Care and Exercise

Griffon dog coat requires weekly maintenance, need to brush at least two to three times a week. it’s done to remove dead hair. furthermore, every three months should be stripping. if you are not sure to do it then take it to a professional groomer. Brussels is quite sensitive to heat and therefore require special care in hot climates. They should not be left outside in the sun for a longer period of time to avoid heat stroke.

Brussels Griffons are an active dog, they’ll enjoy daily walks, and will always seek to act. they needs daily mental and physical stimulation, but it’s small size makes it possible to stimuli such as indoor game strong. Training should be started early in a consistent and appropriate.

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