Brittany Spaniel Dog

Brittany Spaniel dog is a charming dog, energetic with household personality. Brittany comes from France and were bred as gun dogs. These dogs are used to hunt and retrieve game birds. Although they are often called Brittany Spaniel, but its characteristics more like a setter-type dogs. This dog does have English Setter blood. Therefore, in 1982 the American Kennel Club dropped the word “spaniel” from the name of this dog, so enough is called “Brittany”.
Brittany dog has two types; French and American Brittanys. A large number of breeders recognize the clear distinction between the French and American Brittanys. American type are generally smaller and lighter. While France type will work more closely with the weapon. The energetic Brittany is a versatile family companion and hunting dog work more closely with hunters from other pointing breeds.

Brittany spaniel picture

Brittany spaniel Dog picture

brittany puppies

Brittany spaniel puppies


The Brittany males have a height of about 43-53 cm (17-21 inches), weight 16-18 kg (35-40 pounds). For females, a height of about 46-51 cm (18-20 inches), weight between 14-18 kg (30-40 pounds).

Brittany has a sturdy body, athletic, compact and ideal. They have rounded wedge-shaped head with a very expressive face are typical of the type of smart spaniel. Triangular pendulous ears, flat lying close to the head. Eyes come in a dark brown color, but can also be yellow and brown, depending on coat color. Elongated snout, width nose and come in fawn, brown, pink or deep brown, this also depends on the color of his fur. Foot long dogs are the same height at the shoulder as the length of the body. The tail is set high, either naturally short or docked to four inches or less (10 cm). Dewclaws are sometimes removed.

The Brittany has a single layer of light fluffy, never curly, but dense, flat or wavy. For color, Brittany can display a number of colourways; orange and white, black and white, liver tricolor, tricolor of black, white and liver (this is most common in the American Brittany). American breed standard also describes the tri-color layer with a very specific sign that is also acceptable for the show ring. The French Brittany also received solid black.


The Brittany is intelligent dog ??, loving, gentle, obedient and energetic. As a hunting dog, Brittany has a sense of curiosity. they are always looking for hunting birds for fun. They have an independent nature, yet sensitive and highly responsive to human direction. They are easy to get along with children, but should be supervised, especially when around children. Although they basically are not aggressive yet, it is feared his body would hurt a child because Brittany is a high energy level. Besides, Brittany is also easy to get along with other dogs and other pets. However, they have a tendency to be shy if they are not socialized well and at a fairly early age.
Brittanys love to play, especially with a dog companion. Therefore, it is advisable to have two dogs so they have a companion to play at any time. This would make them happy.
The Brittany make a fantastic family pet. But due to its hospitality to strangers, is not well used as a guard dog. Overall, they are very good and perfect for an active family who are happy to meet their needs.

Brittany Spaniel dog wallpapers

brittany picture

Brittany spaniel wallpaper

Brittany wallpaper

Brittany Spaniel wallpaper

brittany spaniel wallpaper

Brittany wallpaper

Health Problems

Brittany dog able to survive up to 15 years old, on average between 12 and 15 years old. Generally, they grow healthy. However there are some health issues that you should know, such as: Hip Dysplasia, is a deformity of the hip joint that causes lameness and pain. In severe cases, corrective surgery is needed to treat it. However, in mild cases, proper diet and exercise can be a solution to living a full and active Brittany. For that, it is highly recommended to do hip test . In this test, your veterinarian will evaluate the results of x-ray your dog’s hips so that your dog’s condition is known (whether healthy or suffering from hip symptoms). Spinal Muscular Atrophy, is a congenital syndrome that affects motor neurons. Degeneration of these neurons causes weight loss, abnormal gait, decreased muscle mass and diminished reflexes. Epilepsy, this causes mild or severe seizures. Brittany also seen some trouble cancers and discoid lupus erythematosus Canine, a debilitating condition that affects the skin.

brittany spaniel photo

Brittany spaniel picture

brittany picture

Brittany spaniel picture

Care and Training

The Brittany has a coat that is not too thick or long. It requires little maintenance and can be done once a week (weekly). Maintenance is done by brushing and bathing coat if necessary. Brittany floppy ears should be cleaned regularly to ensure there is no infection.

The Brittany is a energetic dog , athletic, agile and intelligent. Training is a primary need that must be met. Training includes daily physical and mental stimulation. If not given sufficient exercise, he can become destructive.
They require quite a lot of exercise to keep them fit, healthy and to burn off excess energy, exercise at least an hour of power every day. They also need plenty of space to run and play. So a fenced yard is a must. As intelligent dog, The Brittany easily trained. However, should be a positive and gentle. Harsh training methods will only lead to bad results. Noteworthy obedience training to establish Brittany grow into calm and polite adult dogs.

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