Border Collie Puppies

Border Collie has been used for centuries past to help shepherds tend flocks of sheep. Border Collie belongs to a species that still have the instinct is very strong and intelligent. Researchers at Wofford College found that the type of border collie dog understand the names of more than 1,000 objects, to distinguish between object names and commands. This study deepens the findings of researchers in Germany, who have found a dog who knows the names of several hundred objects. These dogs are able to do this job make use of speed, agility, intelligence, stamina and maneuverability to assist the pastor in all weather and all terrain. If other types of shepherd dogs working with the running to and fro, barking and biting the sheep out of the group, while the Border Collie to work with most of the time notice of the distance is not near, not by barking but with sight-threatening to the sheep remain in the group during grazing. of course this way, the Border Collie to work in the most effective. Border Collie has been very successful with the techniques and behaviors that help control the sheep flock as a shepherd ordered to do.

Border Collie dog

Border Collie dog

border collie

border collie in action


Border Collie male has a height of about 46 to 53 cm (19-22 inches), weight 12-19 kg (30-45 pounds). whereas female Collie height range 48 to 56 cm (18-21 inches), weight between 14 to 20 kg (27-42 pounds).

border collie dog

border collie image

Border Collies are generally medium-sized dog, usually with multiple layers which can vary from slippery and smooth to choppy and, of course. They come in various colors, although the traditional black and white with a collar, white flame, and feet are the most recognizable. Tricolour (black / brown / white or black and white), red or brown and white, and red tricolor (red / brown / white) also found, with other colors such as purple, red and blue merle and piebald occur. On another occasion, Border Collies are also likely to have a coat color, but this is rarely seen. Eye color can vary from dark brown to light yellow, and sometimes the eyes of different colors going on, This is a characteristic, called hetrochromia, is one of the deficiency or excess melanin and harmless. It is usually seen in Merle Collie presents a color or a majority of their white coats. Border Collie has a semi-erect or erect ears.


Border Collies are bred to be a working dog / herding instinct to work and this is one of the owners of the land will ignore their own self-harm, but when they desire to work is to act upon coupled with the right training and stimulation, even in a domestic setting, Collie can develop.

Often referred to as being in the top 3 for high-level intelligence on dog breeds, Border Collies are known for high energy, high drive and high-stamina dogs who need good jobs or frequent exercise and mental stimulation varied. Without this, Collie can quickly develop behavioral problems such as destructive and repetitive, stereotyped behaviors (eg, chewing, pacing and digging) to remove their boredom. Collie dogs for popular sports such as agility and flyball competitive where their natural pace and focus on making them an ideal candidate.

Because it is very smooth, Collie is not always an ideal house pet, remember that they may try to collect everything in sight, including children, other pets and family members. Also known as the ‘eye‘, this is so innate herding instinct that can at times dangerous to himself and others, for example, they may try to collect the vehicle is moving or the bite may be on or barges (sometimes on the shoulders of other animals and smaller children children), therefore they are not always the best choice for a family pet.

Border Collie Wallpapers

Border Collie picture

Border Collie

puppy border collie

puppy border collie

Border collie pup

Border collie pup image

Health Problems

Border Collies can survive up to 17 years, but average about 12 years. Collie breed strong and healthy, Collie did not suffer as much as several genetic diseases other breeds. but some of which are prospective owners should be aware that this breed is prone to hip dysplasia (HD), Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), epilepsy and deafness. CEA is inherited and congenital diseases of the eye that affects a certain part of the eye. Border Collie are also often allergic to fleas. Some herding dogs brought MDR1 gene that makes them sensitive to certain drugs, which otherwise okay to give another dog, but if tested positive for this gene can kill them.

Border Collie Puppies

puppy Collie

Collie puppy image

collie puppy

collie puppy dog image

border collie puppies

border collie pupp picture


Proper care of the coat and skin are the most important because Border Collies can often be allergic to fleas and as a result. Regular brushing will not only keep the coat is a tip top condition, but will also give you the opportunity to look for signs of flea infestation. Do not over shampoo and only used when needed.

If you rarely stay home, do not choose this breed Border Collie. Collie is an active dog and would not stay silent, he did not want to idle. When he was unemployed, it would make him happy. Collie breed is also very intelligent. Competition is often followed this type of dog is the speed tests, obedience, and herding sheep. Choose the type of dog is for you who often stayed at home, because he always needed an escort to get praise and give it exercise.

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