Bloodhound Dog Puppies

The Bloodhound is known as the ‘Hound Sleuth‘, is a large and powerful dog. Bloodhound is the oldest and largest breed of hunting dog. Hound Sleuth has an incredible sense of smell. the nose it can track for a prolonged distance, faint aroma, even through water. Bloodhound in tracking capability so remarkable and reliable. for you as the owner, must be prepared to handle it well, respect and discipline. He is also one of the most kind and gentle of all dogs.

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Bloodhound males have a height of 63-69cm (25-27 inches), weighing 41-50kg (90-110 pounds). some Bloodhound males weighing up to 70 kg. for females, height 58-63cm (23-25 inches), weighing 36-45kg (80-100 pounds)
Bloodhound is a large dog, strong with a big bone. This dog has a big head, drooping ears, a long snout and large. Bloodhound coat hanging loose in typical folds around the head and neck. This coat, baggy wrinkles and their eyes are deep set and drooping jaw suggests sadness on their faces. Bloodhound front legs straight, strong and consists of a large number of bones, while the rear legs are muscular. Eye dogs are usually a deep brown – yellow and thin ears and soft, falling in folds forward gracefully. A loose skin wrinkles can be found on the forehead, which tapers to a longish neck, strong shoulders and back straight. The dog’s coat is short and smooth tracking these come in black and tan, liver and tan, or red. There may be a small amount of white that appears at the end of the leg, chest or head.


Bloodhound is experienced dog, vigilant and relentless once on the track. he is a tough dog that has a loving nature, independent and can be stubborn, but he was so gentle and calm that he was very trustworthy around children. Bloodhound also do not like to fight with a friend or with other dogs.
sometimes, Bloodhound will display aggressive behavior toward other dogs (especially of the same sex), but it usually does well with other pets. therefore, very important role socialization. This dog can also have a tendency to howl and snoring. you as the owner of Bloodhound needs to have a lot of patience, especially with habitual snoring dog!

Bloodhound Dog Wallpapers

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Bloodhound dog wallpaper

bloodhound dog wallpaper

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bloodhound dog wallpaper

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Health Problems

Bloodhound can survive up to 12 year, but the average age between 7-10 years. these dogs are prone to digestive diseases. substantial threat to bloodhound is bloat. Bloat is a medical emergency that can cause terrible pain and prove fatal in an estimated 40% of all cases. condensation is gastric dilation of the stomach caused by an unusual accumulation of gas / liquid. Bloat occurs when the stomach is distended with gas or air bend and then. Dogs can not burp or vomit to escape from the excess air in the stomach, and blood flow to the heart is inhibited. Decrease in blood pressure and a dog go into shock. Without immediate medical attention, it could be dangerous, the dog could die. If you see the signs, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible!
To minimize the chances of Bloat, these dogs should be fed at least one hour before or after workout with water provided the stage. besides, feeding should also be regulated, eating two or three small meals a day is better than giving a one time great food. Another thing that needs to be avoided, namely, drinking large amounts of water quickly, eat quickly and vigorously exercise immediately after eating.
Some Bloodhound suffered stomach cramps, hip cartilage, ear infections and dysplasia entropion, where the eyelids turn inward.

bloodhound dog wallpaper

bloodhound dog picture

bloodhound dog picture

bloodhound dog photo

Care and training

The Bloodhound takes care / ear examination (see  the possibility of bacterial infection), is recommended to be done regularly to avoid bacterial infection. eyes and every fold of skin every day to clean up any detritus and for ensuring regional and clean and dry. short coat does not require much attention and care, but need occasional brushing coats, bath only when necessary.

For dogs with incredible stamina, Bloodhound will need at least 2 daily walks. They would greatly enjoy hiking with you. However, keep in mind their desire to investigate any interesting scent. if Bloodhound take an interesting aroma, you may find it difficult to get his attention.