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Biewer Terrier is an elegant toy dog ??with long hair, parted in the middle and evenly on both sides of the dog’s body. His body can be slightly longer than the height, it gives the square appearance. Biewer Terrier originated from Hunsruck, Germany. This dog was born in 1984 under the name “Biewer Yorkshire Terrier à la Pom Pon”. This dog was officially recognized in 1989 by the Club der Hundefreunde llgemeiner Deutschland – ACH e. V.
Biewer is a relatively new breed, they are created when a pair of recessive genes generate Yorkshire Terrier puppy brindle. In genetics, according to experts who specialize in ‘hybrid’ said that the Yorkies F1 with Biewers F1 will produce black and brown puppies, whereas if Yorkie F2 placed with Biewer F2 you will get a mix of colourways Biewer and Yorkie. If a puppy farm bred from F1 back to Biewer, the Yorkie mix and Biewer puppies will be born. If one puppy (Biewer or Yorkie) who grew up with the Biewer Terrier will result puppy Biewer.
Biewer Terrier grow to be a loyal friend and happy to be part of the family. In general, Biewers not noisy, quiet or very difficult in certain ways. Biewer Terrier has many names, such as” Biewer a la Pom Pon”, ” Biewer Yorkshire Terrier”, “Biewer Yorkshire”, and” Biewer Yorkie.”

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Biewer Terrier Picture

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According to the Biewer Terrier Club of America (beta), Biewer Terrier has no height limit in the standard. Some Biewer Terrier has a height up to 22 cm (8.5 inches). While for weight, Biewer has weight between 2 to 3 kg (4-7 lbs), some may reach 3.6kg. Biewers under 3 pounds more suitable for adults because of their small size.

Biewer Terrier is a small dog, compact, square-shaped body with a body length could be slightly longer than the height of the dog. Head rather small, flat with rounded skull, not too obtrusive. Comparable muzzle to the skull. Dark eyes with dark color in the Edge of eyelids. Black nose. Erect ears , V-shaped covered by hair. Shoulders and back straight, chest came to the elbow with a good width. Legs completely straight and covered with black or white hair Nails. Tail curved over the body and covered with long hairs flowing.
Biewer has a long silky hair that hangs straight from the side of the body, and also from the base of the skull and the full length of the tail. The hair on the body has a length ¾ down the sides of the dog, or long enough to reach the ground, and absolutely straight (not wooly), shiny like silk and nice smooth texture, without an undercoat.
Long and flowing coat with a silky soft texture. Perfectly straight with no undercoat, no wool or wavy. For color, at the head of the white-colored symmetrical blue-gold, black or white without dye brown-black-gold. Topline can vary in color from blue / black, broken with white. White throat. There is no gold in the mantle. Legs, abdomen and chest really Pure white. At the tail end of the color must be white


Biewer Terrier is smart dog, loyal, brave and energetic. They are smart, so easy to receive training. Despite its small size, Biewer so brave, including when dealing with the big dogs. They also may show aggression towards smaller animals.
Therefore, Biewer is not recommended for children unless supervised. Even so, basically Biewer tolerant towards children and gets along with cats and other household pets. Early socialization will make a harmonious relationship. Biewer has personality ‘terrier’ unique and therefore requires a leader who can use their powers.
Biewers can be attached to their families. Biewer would make a loving pet and love to be good around children.

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Health Problems

Biewer Terrier able to survive up to 15 years, averaging between 12 and 15 years old. Generally, Biewer breed healthy, but prone to some problems, including irritation of the eyes, collapsed trachea, bronchitis, premature dental disease and patellar luxation. Biewer also carry genetic defects include distichiae, hypoplasia nest, Legge-Calve-Perthes syndrome, luxating patella and portosystemic shunt.
Biewer prone to early dental disease, it is can cause problems when the adult teeth come through as malocclusion and decay can occur. To overcome, the milk teeth need to be removed to make way for adult teeth. In addition, it is advisable to bring your Biewer to the vet for teeth cleaning with appropriate and dental care to avoid falls and prevent infection.
Biewer Terrier tends to have a sensitive stomach, digestive fussy, vomiting and diarrhea. Make sure to give the food according to their normal diet. They can also suffer from skin allergies and do not tolerate anesthesia well because of its small size.
Biewer Puppies can be prone to hypoglycemia. This disease is diagnosed by listless behavior and shakiness.

Care and Training

Biewer Terrier’s coat requires intensive brushing and combing every day. It is Helpful to keep the coat neat, healthy and shiny. Bathing every two or three weeks. To keep up appearances, Biewer’s hair must be kept out of sight by a latex band or bow.
Biewer Terrier is an active and energetic dog. They need exercise at least walk every day. Biewer including intelligent dogs, so that they can learn quickly and easily receive your instructions. But sometimes they can be stubborn. Use positive reinforcement, such as praise and treat them gently. If you live in an apartment, Biewer Terrier is a great choice. However, you must still provide access to exercise and streets regularly to ensure he was given sufficient outlet for his energy.

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