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Besenji Dog-Is hunting dog race from central Africa. known as the “African Barkless Dog”, because it rarely barks. Besenji is one of 14 dogs the most “primitive” in the World. In North America, basenji Sighthound breeds of dogs considered to be the pursuit and attack all prey silently. Although it can growl, basenji does not bark, but can imitate barking when bred with another type of barking dogs. and can sound like a man.

besenji dog puppy

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Characteristic of Besenji

The main characteristic of this breed is rarely barks, and is usually quiet. They have a variety of sounds ranging from a hoarse voice like a crow, to the sound of howling like a sad cry.

Another characteristic , which is a blessing for the owner, but a loss for dog breeders basenji, basenji dog is just a one-time female lust (estrus) in a year. This means that basenji dogs can give birth only 1 time a year. Sexual arousal usually occurs around August-September, so about 90% basenji puppies are usually born in October-December.

This dog has a Group Hunting Instincts And It’s Very Spoiled Dogs and Famous Dog Faithful, In Japan is preferable Because Suited who lives in Apartment.

besenji dog puppy

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The Appearance of Besenji

Basenji has a medium-size, sleek and elegant looks. These dogs have short fur with The Upright ears, tail Accompanied lined With Tense, And A Gentle Neck. Short hair is suitable for hot climates and easy to maintain. Some people equate appearance basenji Same As Thumbnail A Small Deer. Basenji’s forehead wrinkled, especially when the animal is still young. Characteristics basenji eyes Shaped Almond, What Made Visible dog Strabismus. It is perfectly proportioned and have good muscle leads to an athletic and graceful poise and attitude characteristics.

Height and Weight

Average height: Males and females up to 16 inches, with males larger side.

Average weight: Both males and females weight up to 11kg.

Basenji Puppy dog

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Health Problems of your Besenji

A basenji healthier live for about 13-14 years.

This breed is prone to “Fanconi syndrome” (kidney problems), which is a chronic renal failure. Symptoms include dehydration, excessive thirst, Polyuria (excessive urination) and stunted growth. Once diagnosed, treatable but often lead to total kidney failure. Also, they are prone to “Progressive Retinal Atrophy” (PRA), bowel, and eye problems.

however, the main diseases to look out for include Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA. PRA is a group of genetic diseases seen in certain breeds of dog. Clinical symptoms include degeneration of the retina, causing progressive vision loss culminating in blindness. There is currently no known treatment for this condition.

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