Australian Shepherd Puppies

Australian shepherd thought to have originated and bred in Basque, a region in the mountains between Spain and France. This dog is known as “Australian“, why? because he came along migration Basque rancher from Australia to America in about the 1800s. Australian Shepherd had received various names, among others; California Shepherd, Bob-Tail, Spanish Shepherd, Pastor Dogs, Blue Heeler and New Mexican Shepherd. but finally unveiled its name as an Australian Shepherd.

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australian shepherd dogs

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Australian Shepherd male has a height of about 46 to 53cm (20-23 inches) with a weight of about 18 to 25 kg (50-65 pounds). while shepherds australia female ranged height 52 to 58cm (18-21 inches) with body weight 25 to 29 kg (40-55 pounds)

Australian Shepherd dog

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd is a very popular type of dog. These vary in shape and size depending on the blood line: some lines selected for the show ring looks, while others were developed purely for their ability to work. Regardless of the line, this solidly built medium breed and stand 18 to 23 inches at the withers. It has a thick coat in one of four colors: black, red merle, blue merle, and red solid. Often have a white coat and brown marks. They can come in Toy, Standard and Mini.
Because Merle coloring, most of this type can display eye color can vary from dark brown to light yellow, and the difference in eye color sometimes occur, such as one or both become blue. This is a characteristic, called hetrochromia, is one of the deficiency or excess melanin and harmless. The ears are set high on the head in the form of a triangle and when noticed something that may fall to one side of the ear which is called ‘rose’.


Aussies’ as it is fondly called, were bred to be working dogs. and this dog breed is intelligent able to work tirelessly. This is the kind of reliable that can be taught anything. He enjoys learning and working, and has incredible energy and endurance.
Shepherd of the nature of work requires Australia to make their dogs to have as pets, and one in which the owner must be someone who can invest time and energy in the dog and likes to walk and play. If the owner is ready for this and understand the needs of their dogs, they will get much more out of their pets. This is a dog, active bending physical needs must be met.

Aussies Shepherd Puppies

australian shepherd puppy

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Australian Shepherd Puppies

Aussies Shepherd Puppies image

Australian Shepherd_Puppy

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Health Problems

Aussie able to survive up to 15 years, if in good health. but this breed like other working breeds, can be prone to hip dysplasia. in addition, gene for merle coloration also carries a factor beautiful blind / deaf, so the initial testing is required. other health problems concerns include cataracts CEA, CHD, nasal solar dermatitis, Pelger Huet syndrome, iris coloboma. Occasionally seen: lumbar sacral syndrome, epilepsy, PRA, vWD, distichiasis, PDA, and PPM. some of these offspring are often sensitive to ivermectin, however, for the prevention of heartworm dose considered safe. sometimes it is also sensitive to the IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia).

aussie shepherd

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Australian Shepherd dog

Australian Shepherd

Maintenance and Training

This is not the type that suits your lifestyle, and it would require at least two good runs and walks per day. Less and may become unmanageable because of boredom. Owner must provide mental stimulation, because it is a very intelligent breed and will do well with obedience and such street. good care at least once a week, especially when shedding to prevent the build up of dead hair. It is best to avoid over-baths.

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