Australian Cattle Dog and Puppies

Australian Cattle Dog is a formidable herding dog, smart, active and energetic. As an active dog, Australian Cattle will encourage you to take them out for exercise, play and work. They can not stand silent for hours at home. Australian Cattle Dog was developed by Australian settlers to deal with herds on extensive farms. Until now he still used as a herding dog. This is reasonable, since they are tireless, has a high energy that can withstand the rigors of a full working day. This dog is also considered as one of the top ten in terms of intelligence descent dogs. In addition to herding work, Australian Cattle Dog can also be part of all family activities. He is loyal and protective to his family, although wary of strangers.
Australian Cattle Dogs have many names. They are also known as ‘Heeler Australian’, ‘Queensland Heeler’, ‘Blue Heeler’, ‘Red Heeler’, or ‘Hall Heeler’.

australian cattle picture

Australian Cattle Dog Picture

puppy australian cattle dog photo

Australian Cattle Dog Puppy Picture


Australian Cattle Dog male has a height of about 43-51 cm (17-20 inches), weight 15-16 kg (32-35 pounds). For females, height 43-48 cm (17-19 inches), weight 14-16 kg (30-35 pounds). Weight loss can vary, some dog reach 28 kg in Weight.

Australian cattle is a working dog with a muscular and compact body. body slightly longer than tall, moderate build, allows for great durability combine with bursts of speed and extreme agility. This dog has a broad skull, slightly arched between the ears. Wide-set ears, moderate in size. oval dark brown eyes. The nose is black. Front legs straight, strong, round bone, extending to the feet. Round legs and toes are short. His ability to stop quickly assisted by the action rudderlike tail (which had docked). The tail held low enough, a little shorter than the length of its body.
Australian cattle dog has a weatherproof coat with the bottom layer consists of a short, brief and concise. Outer coat of medium texture straight. For color, fur color including red speckled, blue, blue merle, blue-mottled or blue speckled with or without other signs. Black marks are not favored in the show ring. Australian Cattle Puppies are born white because of the genes they inherited from the early Dalmatian crosses.


Australian Cattle is a smart dog, hardy, active, independent, tenacious, tireless and stubborn. As an active working dogs, Australian Cattle must have a job to do every day. If not, then the dog will be bored and can display destructive behavior. If this type will not be used as a working dog, it must be stimulated in other ways. You can provide a wide range of physical exercise and mental challenge hard every day. This dog can be one of the partners, the most responsive and obedient dog role model in your adventure.
Besides, Australian Cattle Dogs can be a good family pet. However, the family must be prepared to meet their needs, including physical and mental. Families also need to treat the dog’s firm but fair. Australian Cattle can live very happily and be the ideal companion for children and other pets. Condition, socialized from an early age. Australian Cattle Dogs wary of strangers. They make good guard dogs if trained properly.

Australian Cattle Dog Wallpapers

Australian Cattle wallpaper

Australian Cattle Dog Wallpaper

australian cattle dog wallpaper

Australian Cattle Dog wallpaper

Cute Australian Cattle picture

Cute Australian Cattle Puppy picture

puppy australian cattle dog

Australian Cattle playing with Jack Russel Terrier

Health Problems

Australian Cattle Dogs can survive up to 15 years, averaging between 12 and 15 years old. This dog is generally healthy, but like all breeds, some of which are prone to certain health conditions. These dogs are prone to some genetic conditions. They are prone to hip dysplasia, the disease affects all breeds of dogs, but some breeds are more prone to HD. This disease is caused by abnormal formation of the hip ball and socket joints. Some dogs show pain and paralysis on one or both rear legs. X-ray is the surest way is used by veterinarians to diagnose this problem. If the dog was later found to have a high probability of HD, treatment measures can be taken. PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), this is an eye disease that involves damage to the retina gradually. In the early stages, affected dogs become night-blind. Then gradually experiencing total blindness both at night and during the day. Currently there is no known treatment for this condition. The merle colored dogs are prone to deafness. Deafness is an inherited condition in Australian Cattle Dog, but it can be tested for a while puppies are very young. Why The merle colored dogs are susceptible deaf? Research shows that color-linked deafness is, genes that cause puppies to be born white, or with white hair coat causing roaning pattern, associated with deafness.
Not all Australian Cattle Dogs will get any or all of these diseases, but it is important to be aware of them if you’re considering this breed.

australian cattle dog photo

Australian Cattle Dog Picture

Heeler Australian picture

Australian Cattle Dog picture

Care and Training

Australian Cattle Dogs only need treatment once a week with a brush or comb to remove dead hair, keep him clean and free of detritus. bathe only when necessary. Australian Cattle is a dog is the most demanding requirements and the amount of exercise needed stimulation. This should be considered if you are considering this dog as a family dog. This dog is also less suitable for the lifestyle but very suitable as working dogs. Australian Cattle Dogs must be busy with work and training. Because these dogs have tremendous stamina and will enjoy all the activities you provide. Training is important. As an intelligent dog, Australian Cattle receptive to the training provided. They are willing and able to learn various tricks, and sports such as catch or Frisbee. If they lack training, they can become bored and destructive. They require daily walks long, accompany you jogging and adventure.