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Akita puppies information-The Akita is a Japanese type and in a very beautiful country of origin, country of Japan Akita in a home believed to be a symbol of good health and prosperity luck. Helen Keller brought the first Akita to the United States in 1937.Over the centuries, it has remained unchanged. Because of this fact, this breed of dogs has been dubbed as the national dog of Japan. The Akita puppies are considered high prized and revered in Japan. It has been noted that this types of dogs are only owned by nobility as well as aristocracy.The Beautiful dog.

Akita puppies Japan

Characteristic Akita Puppies
Personality of the Akita is very unique.The for temperament varies, most would agree that the Akita is very intelligent, very loyal, and can show aggressive tendencies. Loyalty and devotion displayed by the Akita is phenomenal. Typical pet Akita will follow you from room to room, but has an uncanny ability to not be under foot. Your Akita lives his life as if its sole purpose is to protect you and spend time with you.

Akita Puppies

Akita Puppies

Appearance Akita Puppies

The Akita is a dog looks very balanced, which is only slightly longer than high. Curved tail and brought back, which serves to balance the dog’s head. Usually the male Akita is substantially larger than females. Males ranged in weight from about 100 to 130 pounds, while females range from 70-100 pound.The Akita always makes a lasting first impression. Akitas are large, powerful dog with great bone and muscle. Broad chest and neck a solid foundation for the head of the Akita, Akita’s most distinguishing feature. Broad skull and short muzzle form a blunt triangle when viewed from above. Big head in combination with small eyes and erect ears triangular small to give an Akita, scary yet dignified, expression.

Akita Puppies Wallpaper

Akita puppies Wallpaper

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