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The Afghan Hound, has a close relationship with the country of Afghanistan. Afghan hound is believed to be one of the oldest races, they’ve known and lived thousands of years ago and it seems they are familiar with the hunt of the royal family. Maybe relations with the kingdom’s what makes Afghan Hound has a noble nature: dignified, elegant, cool, and tends haughty. This trait is increasingly evident with her physical appearance covered by long hair. however, unique appearance with long hair flowing all over his body, the Afghan Hound has its own place in the hearts of fans.

Afghan Hound picture

Afghan Hound dog picture

Afgan Hound image

Afgan Hound picture


Afghan males have a height of 68.58 to 73.66 cm (27-29 inches), while the Afghan females slightly less, is usually lower than males females. Afghan males reach their weight 22-34 kg (50 – 64 pounds), for females between 20-27 kg.

Afghan Hound is a dog Height, slim with long, narrow head, the back part of his head is quite prominent. Somewhat convex snout with a black nose. His dark eyes shaped like almonds. Ear is straight to the head. His neck is long and strong. Front legs strong and straight and covered with long hair. Tip of tail somewhat circular or shaped like a ring. Afghan Hound has a beautiful coat smooth, shiny and long. Coats can be any color and generally the color of sand, face and ears darker edge. but white markings are not permitted.


Although Afghans have a glamorous reputation, but he is a hunter at heart, bred to hunt game in rugged terrain. Afghans are known for intelligence in relation to compliance. He is independent but sensitive and not too demonstrative. Worst characteristics is the reluctance to come when called. He will chase small animals outside, inside, he will live in peace. early socialization with family and other animals is necessary. The Afghan Hound gentle with children and is described by some as ‘like a cat‘. Afghan Hound can be destructive if he is bored, no matter what your reaction. This is the consequence of a dog of nobility.

Afghan Hound Wallpapers

Afghan Hound picture

Afghan Hound wallpaper

Afghan Hound Dogs image

Afghan Hound Dogs Picture

Afghan Hound Cute Puppies

picture Afghan Hound Cute Puppies

Afghan Hound wallpaper

Afghan Hound picture

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Health Problems

Afghan Hound able to survive until the age of 14 years. but the average life span of the Afghan Hound is around 12 years old. Afghan breed healthy. however, like large breeds, Afghans are not spared from the disease. some cancers are cited as the main reason for the death. Hip Dysplasia in dogs can be a problem. besides, Afghan sensitive to anesthesia are also prone to tail injuries.
Afghan coat long can cause problems in hot weather. Signs of heat stroke include internal temperature increase of more than 104 degrees, hard and labored breath, gums that appear red, lethargy, disorientation cause loss of consciousness or collapse. If you know that your dog is suffering from heat stroke, you should take immediate action. First, move the dog away from direct sunlight and begin cooling your dog by placing in a cool place, it is recommended to offer cold water, but do not let the water swallow, give it little by little with a sponge. You have to at this point look for immediate veterinary attention, even if your dog seems to be better.

Afghan Hound Cute Puppy picture

Puppy Afghan Hound playing picture

Afghan Hound playing capture

Afghan Hound playing picture

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afghan hound running picture

Care and Exercise

if you want this dog, you must be prepared to spend some time at least once a week to give special treatment to the hair that looks fit. you need attention to make sure they are clean, dry and free of litter. besides, ear cleaning is also important. you also have to take into account the amount of time that needs to be taken to walk with these energetic dogs. Afghans will respond well to gentle training methods and can perform well in dog sports such as agility. and because of the larger size could easily knock out the little guy or the child, although this is not something to do with aggression in mind.