Italian Greyhound Dog Puppies

Italian Greyhound Introduction

The Italian Greyhound is a dog is sweet and gentle, but also very nice and athletic. This loving dog who can usually be found basking in the sun spots or snuggle into a soft furniture, often hidden under the blankets, pillows, or towels. so, be careful if you want to sit down, you need to watch where you sit! Who knew there was a blanket or pillow under the Greyhound also towels.

italian greyhound dogs

italian greyhound dogs


Italian Greyhound Appearance

The Italian Greyhound has a slender body, fine-boned small dog. Head elongated, narrow, almost flat on top of the muzzle is narrowed to one point. This dog’s nose is black or brown depending on coat color of dogs. Teeth meet in scissors bite. This medium-sized dog eyes and dark colored. Small ears folded back along the head, and when the dog is alert them to the right corner. Long curved neck. Chest deep and narrow. Forelegs straight.

This dog coat is short and shiny, come in all colors, including gray, slate gray, red, fawn, blue, black, white or cream. The dogs can be white with a color or color with white markings on chest and feet. A version of the spots also exist but are not accepted in all countries. Brindle and Black and brown are not accepted in the AKC show ring.

italian greyhound dog body

italian greyhound dog capture

Italian Greyhound has a height ranging from 12-15 inches (30-38 cm.), And weight loss of about 6 to 10 pounds (3-5 kg.)

There are two weight varieties: 8 pounds (4 kg.) Maximum, and more than 8 pounds (4 kg.).

italian greyhound

Italian greyhound picture


Italian greyhound gets along well with other dogs and cats. This dog gets along well with children, provided they know not to treat the dog as a toy. They get along well with each other, and it is a good idea to have more than one Italian greyhound.

italian greyhound

Italian greyhound

puppy italian Greyhound

puppy italian Greyhound image

 Puppy Italian Greyhound Wallpapers

Italian Greyhound Wallpaper

Italian Greyhound Wallpaper

puppies of Italian Greyhound


Health Problems of Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound are prone to epilepsy, slip resist, broken bones, and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). Adult dogs are strong enough, but the puppies are more prone to them about eighteen months, and they can break the leg rather easily. During this carefully with them, but do not treat them like little babies, or you’ll result in an unstable dog.

Life expectancy at birth

Approximately 12-15 years. One owner stated, “I have a pair of Italian Greyhound One managed to reach 12.5 years.

Italian Greyhound dog puppy

capture of italian greyhound


Italian greyhounds are less active dog that requires walking, well every day. In addition, they like to run free and play. Be sure to make their heel on the lead. Dogs not only have the instinct to migrate every day, but to have a leader to lead the way.