Abyssinian Cat Information and Wallpapers

abyssinian cat wallpaper

The Abyssinian is known as “bunny cat” is a medium-sized cat with a short smooth coat, a coat color pattern speckled (Ticked Agouti), gives a very distinctive appearance. Abyssinian is one of the most popular Cat. This cat is one of the first cats on display at the exhibition held …

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Australian Mist Cat

Australian Mist Cat History of Australian Mist Cat  This breed was developed by Dr. Truda Straede in New South Wales, Australia, commencing in 1976, as a cat with a spotted coat and Burmese type cat that will meet the characteristics of the indoor-oriented and love, a goal achieved by inter-breeding with …

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Ragdoll Cat

ragdoll cat

RagDoll is the most docile of all cat species. Ragdoll is a large muscular breed semi-haired cat with blue eyes. Ragdolls are named because of their peculiar habits like lying in your arms. These cats are very affectionate and friendly so that our pets can be very good. In Australia, the …

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Persian Cat Information and wallpapers

Persian cat wallpaper2

Persian Cat Description Persian cat -It is the most popular breed among the longhaired cats and has graced the show scene for more than 100 years. Royal patronage was given to the breed by Queen Victoria, who owned two blues. Persian Cat Characteristics Persian cat –These beautiful cats have a …

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Cat Bengal

bengal cat with leopard spot coat

Overview Since their inception in 1986, the great beauty and charm captivate Bengal quickly make bengal became one of the most popular race. Bengal is favored by those who appreciate nature curious and loving. Bengal is famous for its rich color coat, has a rose bengal like markings on leopards, …

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Scottish Fold Review and Wallpapers

scottish fold cat picture

Scottish Fold is a cat-sized, stocky, fairly short legs, big eyes / big and furry. The most important characteristic distinguishing the Scottish Fold cat is its small ears that fold forward and downward, giving the appearance like an owl, naughty, sweet, loyal and caring. His real name was Flops (“floppy …

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