Siamese Cat

Siamese are one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Oriental cat. Siamese believed to have originated from Southeast Asia. Siamese cats are robust, elegant and intelligent. Siamese are known as ‘meezers‘ adored by their owners, and are amongst the descendants of the earliest known pedigree cats.


siamese cat

siamese cat


Standard Modern Siamese breed of an elegant, sleek, stylish, flexible and muscular body. triangular-shaped head, with a thin snout. Almond-shaped eyes and tilted. Short hair, shiny, smooth, soft, tight and adhered to the body. Siamese is characterized by typical pointed color scheme.

siamese cat

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A Siamese cat always wants to be center of attention. They want to be noticed. Cats are very communicative, yowling in a rasping voice for attention or just to chat! They tend to be too noisy or cry a lot if you ignore it.


Siamese have a slim and athletic body with big ears. their eyes are almond-shaped oriental with a base coat of various shades of off-white color depending on their ‘point‘, although a little dark coat tends to older cats, from yellowish brown to paler color than the color points. ‘Points’ refers to the darker face mask, ears, tail, legs and claws. wide range of color points have been developed in England over the year – with blue, brown, violet, caramel, tabby (known in the United States as a point lynx), red, tortie, cream, apricot, cinnamon and fawn shows are now available. Siamese coat of short, smooth and close lying, and they have big ears and long tail, and the breed is very elegant yet muscular.

siamese cats

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Although they are often haughty expression, Siamese is a kind of loveable and affectionate, and very social, so people focus on cats and they normally will form a strong bond with one particular individual. They enjoy cuddling and affectionate, loving and loyal to its owner. They love to caress, and very loyal and close to one person. They are very intelligent, they have a reputation for being noisy, but tend to use their voice to communicate not just for the sake of it.
Siamese cats are very friendly, often prefer to share their lives with other cats and with humans, and often will live quite happily with a dog calm of the generation that let the cat.

Siamese cat

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siamese cat picture

Health Problems

Siamese able to survive the age 14-16 years.
Siamese from reputable breeders should be healthy and strong. However, as with all breeds of cats, they still need an annual booster vaccination against common cat diseases from flu and enteritis, Feline Leukemia and fight if they came out of the house. Siamese is sometimes prone to kidney problems, detected by weight loss and increased thirst, but the Vet can prescribe medication to help overcome this.

siamese cat

siamese capture


They do not require much maintenance, apart from the odd brush to remove loose hair, and eyes and ears should be checked and kept clean if necessary. Paler pointed Siamese, like red, cream and apricot points, often collect debris in the dark corners of their eyes, but this is very normal and can easily be wiped with a damp piece of cotton wool.

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