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Persian Cat Description

Persian cat -It is the most popular breed among the longhaired cats and has graced the show scene for more than 100 years. Royal patronage was given to the breed by Queen Victoria, who owned two blues.

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Persian Cat Characteristics

Persian cat –These beautiful cats have a sweet, gentle personality, with a quite melodious voice. They are tremendously responsive and communicate with their large expressive eyes. Playful but not demandingly so, and although not shy, they do tend to be undemonstrative. Their gentle temperament allows then to adjust to new environments with ease, making them ideal show cats. They are renowned for their special cat/owner relationship, which is close and enduring.

Persian cat

Persian Cat Appearance

Persians come in many colors, but the over all type and structure is a large round head with small round ears set far apart, low on the head. Large round eyes and a short, broad nose, create a ‘sweet expression‘ of the face. Full cheeks, broad strong jaws, and a well-developed chin are also part of a typical Persian’s head. The tail is short, in good proportion to the body, which is medium to large, and short legs sturdy harmonious complete the overall shape. The fur is dense and full attractive for cat lovers around the world

Persian Cat Wallpaper

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