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This cat breedoriginated from the United Kingdom precisely on a small island called the Isle of Man. Manx is known there, even before the birth of the Cat Fancy in 1870. Then became popular in the United States in 1930. Manx cat is one of the oldest cat ever races listed. Cat race is also a race that occurs naturally. Its main characteristic is the short tail or no tail at all, and is known as ‘stubbin‘ or ‘kayt Manninagh‘ in the Manx language. manx often called “Rumpy race” is the cat who had a genetic mutation. These mutations are associated with the development of the spine. Tailless gene is dominant (cover / tail beat normal gene). The term “Manx Syndrome” is used to indicate a genetic disorder in the backbone of humans and other animals.
Although the original English, the number of Manx cats have been reduced dramatically here, and in 2010 only 8 kittens in total recorded by the Executive Board of the Cat Fancy.

cute Manx cat

cute manx


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manx cat

manx cat picture


Known as the Manx cat has no tail, even if it has, it is also very short. however, not all Manx cats without tails completely. those who fall into this category described as ‘Rumpies‘, but there are also ‘Risers‘ (with a stump barely visible at the base of the spine). Manx feature today, known for its round shape and compact solid body. This short-haired Manx cat (shorthair), but there is a long-haired Manx (semilonghair and Longhair) and form a separate race called the Cymric race. Double layer showed a well-padded quality arising from the lower layer, the short coat is very thick and slightly longer. At the cat show, more emphasis is given to the quality of the coat color or mark, which is only credible if all other things are equal, and all colors and patterns are acceptable. manx have eyes big and round eyes, the color matches the color of fur.


Manx cats are known as having an active nature, love to play with a very loveable personality, very smart and funny. He is also very loyal. All live together with him will be very difficult employer you adapt to another employer. So he was dubbed as a one person cat. sometimes also called ‘cat dog‘ because it’s loyalty attractive for human companions. He would often follow their owners wherever they go. although it can be very shy with strangers. Manx has a pretty unique sound unlike traditional meow.
The Manx cat owners claim that they can be trained to understand simple commands in much the same way as dogs can, and quite often Manx will stick to one particular man in the household.

Manx cat

Manx cat

Manx cat

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Manx is generally healthy, however, there is a genetic defect like a tail gene can sometimes lead to something called “Manx Syndrome” (a collection of birth defects which may include spinal cord is too short can cause severe bowel and / or bladder dysfunction , as well as difficulty in walking). in addition, the following diseases you should also note that; urinary tract defects, digestive problems, this condition affects about 20 percent of the Manx cat, most often rumpies, and usually appear at the time the kitten is 4 months. very important to buy a kitten from this kind of very reputable breeder who will recognize the signs and do not sell a cat like that. other diseases; Arthritis of the tail bone in cats with partial tail and Corneal dystrophy (turbidity which began when the kitten is about 4 months). they need an annual booster vaccination against common cat diseases.
Breeding manx should be watched closely. Manx who had two short tail gene (homozygous) generally die because of defects and miscarriages backbone. Cat fetuses that die are usually issued in the state’s time of birth. Therefore, a breeder must be careful when mated two-tailed manx with no tail. A similar thing happened in race Scottish fold with mutations in cartilage.


manx cat picture

Manx cat

cute Manx


Manx unknown and fussy eaters will eat the best quality brand of cat food belongs, but also will enjoy the treats cooked cow’s milk may be giving them stomach aches. Do not forget, a bowl of water should always be available. manx require little maintenance other than regular brushing and gently stroked her hair, plus a weekly comb through to remove dead hairs.

Want to take care of manx cat? but you should be careful because it has a two-tailed manx short genes (homozygous) and can result in death or miscarriage because of abnormalities in the spine.

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