British Shorthair Cat Information and Wallpapers

The British Shorthair is known as the “British Blue” is one of the oldest descendant of the largest domestic cats in the UK. British shorthair has a chubby cheeks, which seem as if smiling cat ‘teddy bear‘.
Since 1997, British Blue has consistently been the most popular cats of pedigree cats in the UK. in the 1980’s British Blue was introduced to the United States, here known as the ‘Brits‘. The Brits they are hardy cats, sturdy, has a smile and a plush coat combined with a wonderful disposition that makes them great family pets.

british shorthair wallpaper

British Shorthair Picture

british shorthair Picture

british shorthair Picture


The British Shorthair males weight on average between 10 and 12 pounds, while females weight between 6 and 8 pounds.

The British Shorthair cat is a powerful, compact with a sturdy body, rather cobby, rounded head with a bit of space for the ears, large round eyes and short straight nose, thick neck, broad chest and a fairly short tail. The Brits have a short plush coat and the protective layer helps to keep the cat warm on cold days. Coat colors and patterns is one of the most extensive of any kind, and the British Shorthair almost have 40 colors and patterns, all of it was acceptable. blue colors including white, black, beige, red, brown, lilac, tortie and even a new color of cinnamon and fawn. British Shorthairs can also bicoloured and tricolor in all colors, and a wide variety of patterns and colors-pointy end. British Shorthairs have eye color varies with coat color. interestingly, White Shorthaired can have sapphire blue eyes, deep gold, copper or orange eyes, or one of those colors.


The British Shorthair cat is a friendly, relaxed, intelligent, loyal companion and loving. British Shorthairs tend to show their loyalty to the whole family instead of choosing one person with whom to bond. This cat is not much demand, this makes them an ideal pet for people in the workplace. They are happy and tolerant of the attention of children, who should be encouraged to not pick them up, even if raised fully mature British Shorthair will be too heavy for the little kids.
Kittens of this breed is naturally much fun as all the kittens, but once mature, British Shorthair tend to be independent, quiet with just meowed softly to mention that it was time to eat. they can adapt quite well.

The British Shorthair Wallpapers

cute british shorthair picture

Cute British Shorthair Wallpaper

British Shorthair cat picture 2

British Shorthair cat wallpaper 2

british shorthair kitten picture

british shorthair kitten wallpaper

white british shorthair picture 3

white british shorthair wallpaper 3

Health Problems

The Brits are a strong cat, not known to have specific health problems. however, like with all other races, they need a yearly booster vaccinations against common cat illnesses such as flu, enteritis and the Feline Leukemia if they often move out of the house.

british shorthair kittens image

british shorthair kittens picture

British Shorthair kittens photo

British Shorthair kittens picture


The Brits have a shiny short coat that needs little maintenance, usually every loose hair can be removed simply by stroking. The Brits will eat the best quality brand of cat food belongs, but also enjoying treats cooked chicken, ham and grated cheese. Cow’s milk may cause them stomach aches. oops, do not forget to provide a bowl of water and to note that they do not become overweight.