Abyssinian Cat Information and Wallpapers

The Abyssinian is known as “bunny cat” is a medium-sized cat with a short smooth coat, a coat color pattern speckled (Ticked Agouti), gives a very distinctive appearance. Abyssinian is one of the most popular Cat. This cat is one of the first cats on display at the exhibition held at Crystal Palace in 1871. until now, Abyssinian also gained significant popularity in the show cats, mostly concerning the uniqueness of the color coat. They are usually very compatible with children and other pets.

The Abyssinian is one of the oldest race pedigree cats from Abyssinia (Ethiopia ancient name of the country). Abyssinian likely never become a revered animal in ancient Egypt. because many believe it resembles the original Sacred Cat of Egypt, and certainly there are marked similarities between now and their Abyssinian cats depicted in Egyptian fresco eating, statues and papyrus from several thousand years ago.

abyssinian cat wallpaper

Abyssinian cat picture

abyssinian cat wallpaper

abyssinian cat picture


The Abyssinian is a medium-body cat, elegant, muscular but lean. It has a coat, a short lay smooth and close to the different beats. A little wedge-shaped head, with eyes wide almond-shaped and large ears (which usually tufted). Slender legs on the body, with fine bone structure and small oval feet, and a fairly long tail, broad at the base and tapers to a point (tapering).
Whole body covered in short hair cat Abyssinian beautiful, graceful, and has a graceful movement. The most visible trademark is Ticked Agouti (coat color pattern speckled). In addition, the Abyssinian cat has a characteristic that has a blend between dark and light colors. The elements of dark fur color extends to the back of the hind legs, reaching a tapering tail. In the eye there is a line of dark round eyes, giving the appearance of eyeliner theater. Abyssinian almond eyes can be deep colors of yellow, green or brown in color. Abyssinia now not only have a golden brown color with black ticking. however, you may want to get them in almost any color. Abyssinia is also fully recognized in the reddish brown color (a rich copper color, unique to this breed), brown, purple, blue, brown, and silver varieties. New colors, including tortie, red and cream, still working toward full recognition.


The Abyssinian is a cat extroverted active, loyal, very smart, funny, curious and fun. Although this is an independent breed, they have a very loving nature, want to be included in everyday family life. they often show their affection for their owners by head butting and meowing occasionally spoiled the employer to ask for attention. Abyssinian cats often enjoy the game by taking their human companions. Abyssinia regularly perform antics for your entertainment, they will often perch on the shoulder, crawled under the covers, and sat on his lap purring liar. they have taciturnity, not like meowing, and a new sound if for attention and when you meet with unknown people.

funny abyssinian cat photo

funny Abyssinian cat picture

abyssinian cat image

Abyssinian cat wallpaper

abyssinian cat picture

Abyssinian cat wallpaper 1

Health Problems

The Abyssinian able to survive until the age of about 15 years. This cat is not known to have particular health problems. Disease that often attacks the Abyssinian cat include pain in the gums, halitosis symptoms, then there is an infection of the gums and makes teeth fall out. If this happens, you should immediately take him to a doctor or veterinarian. other than that, like the other Abyssinian cats need annual booster vaccinations against common cat illnesses, such as flu and enteritis, and the Feline Leukemia if they go out of the room.

abyssinian cat picture

abyssinian cat picture


Abyssinian requires easy maintenance, short coat shiny enough to caress to throw dirt on the coat. This cat will eat the best quality brand of cat food belongs, but will also enjoy other treats. milk would probably give them a stomach ache, do not forget, a bowl of water should always be available for the Abyssinian.