Cairn Terrier Puppies

Puppy Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier derived from the Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Skye, Scotland since the 15th century. This breed is one of the original Scottish terrier. This race is believed to be the ancestors of all the Scottish terrier. Cairn Terrier is a hardy little terrier, with a look like …

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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

yorkshire puppy image

Introduction Yorkshire terrier dog, famous for its long and curly hair but it is a tough little breed. Originally used for hunting small rodents. Yorkie is a popular pet, small toys, small head rather flat on top, with a medium-sized muzzle. The teeth meet in a scissors or level bite. …

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Alaskan Malamute Information and Wallpaper


ALASKAN MALAMUTE–is larger than most of its other ‘Spitz type dogs’. Bred to withstand the harsh Northern climates and weather, this dog is beautiful and endure. Alaskan Malamute Wallpaper ALASKAN MALAMUTE HISTORY The Malamute is thought to be a descendant of dogs of the Mahlemut people of Alaska. These dogs …

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Tibetan Terrier Dog and Puppies

tibetan terrier puppies

Tibetan Terrier? Tibetan Terriers actually not really a member of the Terrier. thus, the name “Tibetan Terrier” is actually misleading, because it technically is not a terrier and not show common terrier characteristics. They were given a “terrier” because of their size alone. but because it is a common designation …

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Labradoodle puppies

photo of Labradoodle puppy

Labradoodle dog information Labradoodle is an intelligent dog, and at once unexpected and dear to the employer. This dog is a popular cross-bred dogs are rising in profile as they are obedient nature, trained and low allergy coat. They are not recognized by the association as a pedigree dog or …

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Italian Greyhound Dog Puppies

italian greyhound dogs

Italian Greyhound Introduction The Italian Greyhound is a dog is sweet and gentle, but also very nice and athletic. This loving dog who can usually be found basking in the sun spots or snuggle into a soft furniture, often hidden under the blankets, pillows, or towels. so, be careful if …

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